Best Healthy And Easy Breakfast Options For A Busy Morning

September 8, 2020

Are nocturnal thoughts about making breakfast taking away your sleep? Do you not want to be full of beans every day? Do not worry! You are not asking much. Here are some solutions to satiate your hunger related to healthy and quick-go breakfasts. There are innumerable online stores that offer breakfast meals even at a meager amount. You do not even need to do much to eat healthily every morning, just a few clicks. You can get two Subway orders for just $10 by applying Subway coupons on the website or get flat 30% off on all Pizza Hut orders.

There are some quick-go breakfast options that are adjustable for your busy morning schedule:

  1. Oatmeal: Oats are like your amenable friend who is responsive to your suggestions or requirements. Oatmeal is easy to cook and a healthy breakfast to eat in the morning. You can also cook oats the night before, and then keep them in a refrigerator. The next morning, microwave them quickly. You can have oatmeal in different flavors, as per your appetite. You can also choose from apple pie oatmeal, berries and cream oatmeal, and chocolate oatmeal.
  1. Veggie Salad: Vegetables are a good source of nutrition and can be modified according to your taste. However, if you want to skip the hassles of making one for yourself then simply visit and order chopped salads under $8.99 or hover over Chipotle’s personalized salad from $8.95 that fits right into the bargain. A perfect way to unlock the breakfast that is worth the money.   
  1. Egg And Bacon Sandwiches: Eggs are undoubtedly rich in proteins and vitamins. On the other side, two slices of cooked bacon can give you six grams of protein. Together they become a perfect couple and become one of the best options for a healthy breakfast. However, if making an egg and bacon sandwich seems painstaking to you, you can order them online via Subway and you relish deli sandwiches one for free. But, if you are in a mood for some cooking, you can just make egg wraps by scrambling them and rolling them in a wheat or flour tortilla. It will not take more than 15 minutes and if you want you can make salsa verde a night before. 
  1. Whole-Grain Bread With Peanut Butter: Peanut butter with bread is the last-minute option. But it is not the only thing about it, peanut butter is rich in protein, magnesium, and also calories. It is a healthy diet if consumed in a moderate amount. A perfect amalgamation of whole-grain bread and peanut butter is filled with fiber and protein. Customise it the way you like by adding fruits, honey etc.  
  1. Fruit Salad: Fruits are not only rich in proteins and vitamins, but also light in nature. Moreover, it requires no extra efforts in the morning. Salads are always a dietary meal because they provide you less fat and more vitamins. Fruits like banana, papaya, are rich in vitamin C and help you in getting a strong immune system. And since we are in the midst of a global pandemic having a diet rich in vitamin C is needed. 
  1. Smoothies: A tad bit of pre-preparation is all you need and you would be set for a quick and healthy breakfast. Wash, chop, and freeze your ingredients the night before. All you need to do now is add some milk and blend. The fruits and berries used in smoothies keep you healthy and cool on summer days. They also help in reducing body fat even without skipping any meal. And since smoothies are made up of milk or water and can keep you hydrated even on sunny days. 
  1. Cottage Cheese With Chopped Pineapple: Start your day with some energy boost with some  protein and calories rich cottage cheese with sweet and juicy pineapple. The best part? You can customise your recipe with the type of seasoning and sides you would like. Cottage cheese is widely known to strengthen your bones, teeth, maintain sugar level, and improve digestion

By now, you must have had a pretty good idea of how you can make some really luscious and more importantly healthy breakfast with just a few ingredients. You can either opt the ideas and tips we have provided above, or if you are stuck in a busy schedule, order them online using the offers and codes the retailers are rendering currently and enjoy your breakfast without digging a hole in your pockets. 

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