Setting Up A Morning Routine

April 15, 2021

Starting the day properly is important if you want to be productive and motivated. When you start the day late, or you mismanage your time, you are going to find that your day becomes chaotic rather than calm. We need to be able to wake up in the morning and choose peace, rather than chaos, and when you have the right morning routine, you can do exactly that.

Morning routines are not just for children, either. You can ensure that you have balance from the moment you wake up in the morning when you set yourself an alarm and you ensure that you get the best possible night of sleep. Working on a routine will take some time and it is not a good idea to change everything at once. Baby steps and a good timetable can ensure that you start and end each day productively. So, with this in mind, we have five tips to help you with your morning routine.

  • Get off your phone. Rolling and scrolling is the bane of existence for most people. It is not always a given that you can start your day feeling calm, but it is worse if you roll over and immediately start scrolling through Facebook. Replying to messages and checking your social media can really knock you off your routine and you can avoid that by leaving your phone in another room instead of on the bedside table. Wait until you are up, had something to eat, and goten ready for the day, and then give yourself half an hour of scrolling time!
  • Set an alarm. One of the best things that you can do is set yourself an alarm to get you out of bed earlier. Yes, this means going to bed a little earlier, too, but not only will you be able to have time to use straightening hair brushes and get yourself properly ready without rolling out of bed and into clothes you do not want to wear, you will be able to feel more alive as you wake with the sunshine! It makes a huge difference to the way that you feel about yourself when you start out early in the day, and you will be happier in the long run.
  • Do something you love. Whether you love to sit and read the newspaper or you love to get your face ready for the day, you will feel invigorated simply by choosing to start your day doing something you love. Practice yoga or get up to watch the sunrise. Whatever it may be, starting your day with good intentions helps you to feel bolstered by the rest of the day ahead.
  • Make a list. A great way to start out your morning properly is to make a list of goals and things that you want to achieve with your time. You have to be able to see a list that you can tick off and feel accomplished as you do. Preparation is key to success!
  • Stretch it out. You are up, but are you awake? Not until you get your body moving, you are not! Get stretching and feel ready to tackle anything the day ahead has to offer you!
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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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