How To Get Around The Riviera Maya

August 31, 2021

Getting around the Riviera Maya is easier than it seems, whether you are an experience traveler or this is your first time in the southern Mexico. However, in case you want to know the best options of Cancun airport transportation, here I give you an explanation of the easiest and most popular among visitors and locals. 

Rent A Car

This is probably the favorite option among travelers since you get total freedom to move to the different destinations without depending on certain schedules. Roads in Quintana Roo are in constant maintenance, so driving through the Riviera Maya is not a problem. Just be careful with taxi drivers since they can get a little crazy while driving. 

In the airport you can find all car rental agencies, both local and renamed brands. Booking your rental car in advance is better than renting at your arrival, since you can spend more than an hour waiting for a vehicle or do not find any, especially in high seasons where companies have car shortage. Also, many car rental companies have promotions and discounts for pre-paid rents that will make you save money. 

While renting a car, be careful with the insurance, at the beginning it can seem a little confused with all the options. I recommend getting full protection because in case you have any accident, you will not have to pay for the damage. Some credit cards have insurance included that will let you decline the ones offered in the agency, just ask your bank before traveling if that is an option. 

Take into consideration the documentation to rent a car, most companies ask for identification, credit card and driver license, but this can change depending on the car rental agency. There are also a guarantee deposit you should considerate, this is a hold in your credit card that vary depending on the agency and model of the vehicle you rent. 

Take A Bus 

Even though there are different bus companies that you can use, the most important is ADO, with different routes for all main destinations in the Riviera Maya. The schedules vary depending on the destination, some has frequent departures than others. However, there are no buses at night, so in case you arrive late at the airport you should take another transfer service. 

Buses have some amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and numbered seats to have a more pleasant trip. You can get your tickets in advance online or buy them directly at the bus station, just check out the departure times. As in most transportation options, getting your tickets in advance can be cheaper than do it directly since you can get some discounts. 

Book A Private Shuttle

Private transportation is really cheap and an efficient option to move through the Riviera Maya. Without having to share your vehicle with total strangers or looking for availability at your arrival. The best is booking your vehicle in advance, so it will be ready at your arrival and you can avoid long waits at the airport. 

Just like most of the other transfer options, the private service offer transportation to the main destinations in the Riviera Maya. Either you want to go to Tulum in an exclusive Cancun to Tulum shuttle o Playa del Carmen in a comfortable shuttle from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

The main advantage of this kind of service is the efficiency of the transportation and different amenities you can get, like air conditioning that can be a lifesaver, especially in summer, enough space in case you travel with much luggage and really kind drivers that know well the zone and can give you some advice.

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