Five Quick Reasons To Trust N95 Respirators During The Pandemic

August 31, 2021

American made N95 masks are trusted all over the world. From healthcare providers to the general public, everybody counts on N95 masks when it comes to face coverings. The major reason behind this is that these respirators offer maximum protection against the Coronavirus and can be obtained easily from In comparison to other medical masks, N95 masks filter out even the smallest of germs and infectious particles in the air.However, despite being one of the most popular and trusted mask types, many people still have a concern regarding the reliability of N95 respirators. Every day we receive a lot of queries like how can N95 protect people from Covid and can people prevent coronavirus by wearing N95 masks. Well, a simple answer to these questions is YES!

N95 masks made in America are found to be the most effective against the current pandemic. How? We will let you know in this article. It includes five quick reasons why you should trust American made N95 masks during the pandemic.

N95 respirators provide 95% protection

Not many of you would know but the name “N95” holds a meaning in itself which indicates the protective efficiency of the respective mask type. For instance, the alphabet “N” stands for non-oil and represents the respirator ratting letter class. It means that the mask works against non-oil particulates only. Moreover, 95 means that the mask provides 95% protection against germs including viruses. It can filter out 95% of the harmful particulates from the air you inhale and thus ensures that clean air reaches your lungs. On top of that, the filter size of American made N95 masks is 0.3 microns. So, it can filter out dust, fumes, and mists easily making it one of the best choices during the pandemic.    

Exhalation valves make breathing easier

You may have come across people, especially elders, complaining about how they feel suffocated while wearing a mask. This is because many masks lack exhalation valves and the exhaled air of the wearer starts accumulating in making the inside rich in CO2. However, this is not the case with the N95 face mask made in America. They have exhalation valves making breathing through the mask easier for the wearer. These valves are crucial for reducing exhalation resistance and don’t allow any moisture or carbon dioxide to build inside. Thus, anybody can breathe easily wearing an N95 mask.  

Carbon filters and micro-ventilator

In addition to exceptional filter size and breathing valves, American made N95 masks have a carbon filter and micro-ventilators as well. The carbon filter not only protects you against the Coronavirus, but also other harmful pathogens. And the micro-ventilator works like a breathing valve. It ensures proper ventilation inside the mask so that the moisture and CO2 do not build in. This feature works well for people involved in heavy exercises and physical activities.

Excellent seal and fit ensures comfortable wear

N95 masks have nose wires, mask fitters, and braces to strengthen the mask fit. Nose wire is a metal strip that covers your nose like a bridge preventing leakage of the air and fogging of your glasses. This extraordinary mask fit prevents germs from flowing around the edges, making N95s a trustworthy option for face covering.

NIOSH approval

American made N95 masks have approval from NIOSH. It stands for National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health which is a federal agency in the United States. It has been entrusted with the responsibility to regulate and evaluate respiratory devices available in the market. It makes sure that the devices accessed by the public are fit for use and that they meet the required safety standards. NIOSH approval for N95 masks indicates that they are good for use during the pandemic.

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