How To Find Piano Lessons For Kids Online

September 8, 2020

Is your kid a piano lover, but needs a professional to bring the best out of him/her? If so, you are in the right place because, during this article’s entirety, we will be discussing how an online piano lesson works and how to find a keyboard tutor that can guide a child of any level.

Everything is happening over the internet now, so providing piano lessons online for kids to harness their skills is an excellent step. The keyboard is one of the most popular instruments that kids play in the world today. Statistics have shown that a remarkable 30% of kids play the piano or keyboard.

Learning the piano is not the same as learning how to read, write, play sports, or even a different instrument. Piano lessons bring an extra level of skills to your child that helps them thrive in other activities.

Let us quickly run through a few benefits of learning the piano:

  • Better listening skills and speech; studies have shown that kids who are engrossed in musical instruments usually have better speech and listening skills, especially the keyboard.
  • It helps to concentrate and do better; since keyboard lessons involve practicing a lot, it demonstrates to a child the importance of concentration and improving on a particular subject.
  • Improved confidence; learning the piano is the first step, the second involves you playing for a set crowd. Performing in front of people as a kid helps to build confidence and makes you feel more comfortable about yourself.

What Is An Online Piano Lesson?

There are a lot of questions floating online about what makes up an online piano lesson. Does a course online qualify? Or having a one on one skype video call with a music teacher makes up an online lesson.

In short, no, it does not. What we are discussing is a dedicated one to one live keyboard lesson with a professional. You have to find an environment conducive for your kids to learn, where they can be free to ask questions and have the proper feedback regarding their performances live.

Generally, an online keyboard lesson is conducted through Zoom, skype, or any available conferencing client. However, the area of the world that you live in, or the type of tutor you may choose may cause the set up to differ.

Some professionals have their messaging app, where they usually send sheet music and instant feedback without using costly sheet music books, pens, and notes. You can find more here on the essentials of playing the piano. 

What all these does, is to provide for your kids a very personalized learning experience and environment, just as an in-person tutor would provide, all from the comfort of their home and space with their instrument. It is a mind-blowing experience for them.

Things You Need For An Online Piano Lesson

Before you go about looking for a tutor for your kids, you need to have three things:

  • A piano; you would not be seeking a professional pianist’s aid if you do not have a piano at home. Any good one with complete set of keys should be okay to begin with. There are many different types in the market and they can either be the regular keyboard or a more digitized piano. If your kid has an acoustic, it would also do the trick. They just need something to be able to practice with as you know, practice makes perfect. 
  • A computer; you need a computer to be able to operate the conferencing software and view the tutor’s comment.
  • A camera/phone or laptop; a digital camera is not a compulsory device required for an online piano lesson. Even a smartphone that has a microphone and a camera can perform the task for you. You have to ensure your camera gives you a quality picture to be able to see the tutor, and your microphone should be able to pick up clear sounds to hear the tutor during rehearsals. 

Other equipment’s to provide a better learning experience for your child:

  • A tablet or an iPad; tablets are a good tool for kids to learn the keyboard quickly. With a tablet, you save big on the unnecessary cost of buying scores. It also allows the tutor to provide you with scores for learning or sight-reading.
  • A USB Port; many of the current digital keyboards out there have a USB interface. What it does, is that when connected to your computer, it provides for the tutor an evident audio quality.

How To Find Online Piano Lessons For Kids

Kids deserve the best learning environment and would want one of the best keyboard lessons there is. Many local instructors do not offer quality services and the right expertise that would help a kid harness their talents.

Still, many online tutoring services can boast of professional and exceptional music instructors around the globe. They have professionals who have a passion for teaching and can provide reliable feedback to make your kids excel.

Most online lessons are more cost-effective and flexible than live classes yet still provide adequate comments and interactive feedback that help kids learn better. This website link here has suggestions on the best apps to teach you how to play the piano. 

All you need to do to find the proper lesson for your kids is to do online research and check reviews of the many tutoring services that are out there. Usually, the tutoring services with good SEO ranking and higher reviews are the ones who can provide the best services for your kids.

Professional Advice

It is essential that when selecting a tutor for your kid, you find one that is fun, fair, and can inspire the child. If the lessons are not attractive and engaging to the child, there would not be any positive results.

 When kids begin to understand that the power to control and construct music is in their hands, they begin to succeed. A good teacher knows how to induce creative games and exercise during a session.

When choosing a professional for your child, qualities such as knowledge and educational training are as significant as attitude and passion.

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