Why Buying An RV May Be The Best Purchase You Ever Make

January 9, 2020
Image by Koun G from Pixabay

Traveling is something we can all agree is great for your family, it is great fun, it is educational, and it can be very relaxing. Recreation vehicles or RVs as they are well-known, have always been a popular way for families to get around and they still continue to be, because they are just so awesome. You do not need much to go with them, although you can treat yourself to an RV carport to keep it safe and sheltered when you are not using it. So, apart from a world of fun, freedom and flexibility, here are a few reasons why buying an RV might be the best thing you ever do.

You Will Discover Places You Have Never Even Heard Of

Imagine driving down the road and seeing a sign for something random, like US military campgrounds, and just being able to pull off and visit it without any fuss? You do no need to book any hotels or flights, there is no stress, and you can just go wherever you want, whenever you want. 

You Can Be Spontaneous And Leave Your Holiday Planning To The Last Minute

If you want to go abroad, then yes, you might need to book another mode of transport such a spot on a ferry, but otherwise, you do not need to plan anything, you can go last minute and just explore. You will easily find places to park overnight or campsites, and you might find yourself going somewhere completely unexpected on a whim which is all part of the fun. 

You Have A Bathroom With You

It is so nice to be on your travels and have a nice bathroom which is yours and you don’t have to share with anyone but your family. It is also really nice to go to the toilet without having to go outside like on other camping trips.

You Can Have A Campfire Outside In The Evening

You cannot do that in the evening when you are staying in a hotel, nor can you just have a BBQ when you fancy it. But with an RV, you absolutely can. 

You Can Work And Travel

A motorhome allows you to bring whatever you want with you. So, if you need or want to work, then you can take your laptop and have decent wifi too, so you can carry on working wherever you are. If one of you is working, and the other is driving, then you make the most of your time as you can switch off when you arrive at your destination.  

You Can Stop Whenever And Wherever You Want

If you are driving and you see a lovely pub you fancy going to for lunch or you see an odd little antique shop or a nice quiet beach, then you can stop. Or if you are just feeling a bit tired and would like an afternoon nap, then you can do that too, and you can do it in your bed!  

You Have A Kitchen

It is so useful to wake up in the morning somewhere beautiful with a fantastic view and just be able to put the kettle on and make whatever it is you want for breakfast however you want it. Having a kitchen with you also means that you have the option to eat in and you can have a fridge full of food ready and waiting for you if you get stuck in a long traffic jam.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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2 thoughts on “Why Buying An RV May Be The Best Purchase You Ever Make

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  2. Luke

    Definitely agree with you. I love RVs and always wanted to have one since I was a child. I would agree with your key point about working and traveling, having a good router, or even the best router can really help with working and traveling. Cheers!


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