Five Experiences That It Is Easier To Give Your Kids Before They Go To School

January 10, 2020

You have a lot of time with your children before they get to school age, in fact, other than school holidays you will never have this much time available ever again, so it is essential to make the most of it. Certain things are going to be much easier to achieve before they reach school age. Here are five great examples of the type of things that we mean:

Avoid Crowds At Attractions

Anything popular is inevitably going to be packed full and busy and as we know this then requires a lot of planning and often you do not get the hang of the park until your second trip by which time you have had a lot of disappointment in waiting in line, etc. But if you go on a quiet weekday that is no tin the holiday season then it can be a much more enjoyable experience.

Extended Traveling 

Going on far away or exotic trips suddenly becomes a very expensive option when you travel within the school holidays as the prices are always hiked upwards to coincide with the increased demand. This means that taking a family, large or small, is a very expensive task when you cannot take the kids out of school. If you take the example of a Tanzania Odyssey Safari and check out the prices you will see how much you can save if you do not choose the height of the summer tourist season.

Go To The Theatre

Taking little ones to a theater trip can be loads of fun, our little ones always loved a pantomime and this is a great introduction to the theater that is really silly and a lot of fun. If they loved this then there are so many other opportunities to enjoy the theater from kids plays to ballet, etc. 

Learning A Sport Or Activity

There are plenty of sports and activity classes that you can take very small children to and often it is good for them going forward to be getting a head start on learning over other kids who may not begin until they are of school age. A classic one to do that’s good for both mum and baby is baby swimming lessons. Some other activities need for kids to begin early if they want to end up doing them competitively, these include things like gymnastics or dance as the ones that start early are those that do well and it is pretty much true of any sport that the earlier they start the better chances they have.  

Learn To Read

Starting to teach them to read pre-school is not only good for them getting a step ahead on their education it also is very good for parent and child as a bonding exercise. It is spending quality time together and reading and enjoying story time which not only encourages closeness, but also takes away from less healthy uses of time such as excessively watching screens.

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