Don’t have a favourite watch brand yet? Here’s how to have one

January 11, 2020

Flip the fashion or film magazines, and you will find your best celebrities and stars sharing their favourite watch brands! That’s not all. Even when you open your Facebook or Instagram news feed, you will come across posts where your friends share about their best watch brands with pictures. People who have a fetish for watches can relate to the sentiment. Even people, who own one watch model from their best brand, can resonate with this. But for people who yet haven’t found out their best watch brand, they might find such posts and news updates either meaningless or boring.

Do you resonate with this? If yes, then you might use this situation positively and check whether you can narrow down on a brand that you find best. Here’s how to go about it.

  • More than a time-telling device and accessory

The first and foremost step is to stop looking at a watch as a piece of equipment or a styling accessory. It would help if you looked at it as an extension of your persona. So more than sticking to the best watch brands in a given year, you need to browse through watch designs that you love, irrespective of fashion trends. It will help you to know the kind of watch designs appeal to you. To get you started, you can check Longines timepieces as they have the most stylish designs with a flexible approach to authentic Swiss watchmaking.

  • Study watches and their making process

Every watch brand has a story to tell! Watch lovers are the ones who know the making process about their best brands. And since they like something about the story, they have their best brand. Hence, study the watch brands, their designing and manufacturing process, and the philosophy behind the journey. For instance, you can start with an Emporio Armani watch and check its design detailing and history. Chances are you will find one or two such stories gripping.

  • Choose your dials and straps

You don’t need to be a watch lover to decide on the watch dials and straps. Even a layperson, who simply loves to look at designer watches, can have a choice. Check for yourself the type of watch dials you like best. The standard options are round, square, rectangle, oval, and oversized dials. Leather and metals are the obvious choices for straps. You might like rectangle watch dials and leather straps. And if that fascinates you, go ahead and choose similar watch designs.

  • Fix your budget

It is one of the most important aspects of having the best watch brand! Your best watch brand can change over time based on the budget capacity. Research and compare the watch price and features. Understand the extent to watch you can save. Browse through those brands that cater to your budget capacity. It is always best to have two to three alternatives and choose the one that you find is apt. If you want, you can look for discounts and deals as well.

These are some of the necessary steps that will help you to arrive at your choicest brands. Also, don’t set a time limit as you go through these guidelines. Take ample time to browse, research, and mull over your thoughts to choose the best watch brand. 

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