Checks You May Need To Do Before Selling Up

January 26, 2020

If you are looking to sell your property, there are two things you will want; the first will be to get the best price you can for the property, and the second will be for the sale of the property to go as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to selling up, there are some things you should be looking at that can make your sale go as easy as possible. While you may believe it is just as easy as placing the property on the market and waiting for the sale, there is, in fact, far more to a sale than that.

Why Selling Can Be A Complicated Process

While the buying and selling flip market still seems to be popular among investors, many people who take their house to a realtor often find that the process is far more complicated and drawn out than they originally thought.

The trouble is that nowadays, people will often make changes to their homes without realizing that sometimes, the smallest changes and issues can present vast complications further down the line.

The Inside Of The Property

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are two things that you will want when it comes to selling your property.

In this section, we are going to be concentrating on making the process as easy as possible. Out of the things you should be looking at, we will pay the most attention to the two things in the home that tend to be done under the eye of the owner, and when we undertake them ourselves, we can find that they cause huge problems during the selling process.

We are, of course, taking a look at gas and electricity. Believe it or not, while it is widely known that these two things should never be done by anybody unqualified, many people would rather undertake the tasks themselves then pay out for safety purposes.

The main issue with this is, any work that has been completed will need a completion certificate, and if you do not have one at the point of sale, it can either delay or cancel the sale completely.

The Outside

While the main levels of importance are placed on the inside, the outside can be just as important. The outside of the property, of course, is always open to the elements, and the elements can cause structural damage that you will need to keep an eye on.

In fact, there is a lot you will need to keep an eye on. You should be checking if there is any need for slab leak repair, outdoor electrical maintenance, and even basic checks for external rot.

The things mentioned in the post are extremely basic, but it is often the case that the simplest of things can place what should be a simple transaction in danger. By taking note of these, you may discover other things that need checking along the way. So hopefully, this post can save you both time and money when it comes to selling your home.

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