Tips On How To Protect Your Home While Traveling

February 6, 2020

Taking a holiday should be focused on relaxing — not worrying about what is going on at home! While it is great to just lock your door and head out, we often get distracted by what is happening at home. This is why having proper security systems, such as Verisure Alarm Systems, in place is important.

There are many amazing home security options available (such as these wireless security cameras that will help to bring you peace of mind. If you are planning a trip, but are worried about leaving your house standing alone, then be sure to check out some of these great security tips and measures below. 

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping your home secured. Not only will they allow you to monitor any activity around your house, but they also look intimidating to any passing criminals. 

Wireless security cameras are always a great choice for adding that extra level of safety to your home. These systems are incredibly easy to install and are still pretty cost-effective for the kind of coverage that you get. With wireless security cameras, you can monitor the entire area around your house all the time

This is a brilliant option for when you go on holiday, as you can access the cameras from anywhere in the world. So for anyone wanting that extra peace of mind, wireless security cameras are one of the smartest solutions.

2. Keep Your Home Maintained 

You may not be at home, but you can still make it look like somebody is there. Simple things like keeping the garden maintained, or having any mail or flyers taken away will add an extra sense of security around the home. If your garden becomes overgrown, it will be a clear indicator that nobody is there. 

If you have anybody that does work around your house, such as a pool cleaner or gardener, then make sure that they still visit while you are away. Otherwise, getting a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your mail is always a great idea. Anyone that might be watching your house for an opportunity will notice these changes immediately. 

Another option is to cancel any newspaper or mail deliveries while you are away. This can just be put on pause for a short period of time to prevent any pile-up of mail outside your house.

Of course, protection is not just about keeping the bad guys out; it is about keeping the property safe from every eventuality. Check the weather before you head off on your trip and you can put processes in place to protect your property from the elements as well. Our revolutionary hurricane fabric is more than enough to protect your home against even the worst weather. 

3. Hide Your Valuables

This one may seem obvious, but it can save you in a big way. Before you leave for your trip, try to put away any valuables in places where you would not usually find them. If burglars make their way into your home, they will go straight for the bedroom cupboards or any other obvious places for valuables. 

Purchasing a safe is always the best idea. However, if this is not an option, you can stash your valuables away in hard to find places or unusual drawers and cupboards. Even unusual pantry containers will work great. 

Home Safe

4.  Install A Motion Sensor Light 

This is another simple piece of equipment that really works. A motion detection floodlight can be placed in front of your house or around any potential break-in points. If anyone passes the light, it will expose them straight away. No burglars will want to pass one of these. 

Motion sensor lights can run off timers, allowing them to only turn on at night. Not only will these provide you with an excellent level of safety while you are away, but they are also great things to utilise throughout the year. This is one of the easiest ways of bulking up on your homes security measures. 

5. Do Not Leave a Key Behind

Although, many people think that hiding a secret key away is a good idea, this is never really the case. If criminals know that you are away on holiday, they will be sure to check all of the obvious places where keys could be hidden.

Rather leave a spare key with a friend or family member in case of any emergencies. Hidden keys are just an open invitation for somebody to make their way into your house. 

6. Set Light Timers

In case anyone is keeping an eye out on your house, you will want it to look like you are still living there. Having the lights turn on at night creates the illusion of there being people in your home. This is a simple trick to add extra security to your property. 

Light timers can be used to turn on and off at specific times too. This will prevent your house from looking like a target, scaring off any possible burglars. 

7. Make Sure the Alarm is Set Correctly

If you have an alarm system in place (which is always a good security measure), be sure to have it set properly when you leave. You will need to alert the security company about your absence to make sure that they know what to do in case of any events. 

Ensure that the alarm is properly set before you leave. You do not want it going off for the wrong reason or not working at all. Spending a few extra minutes to check your alarm can really pay off. 

8.  Double Check Your Garage

Garage doors are common targets for criminals. Whether it leads into your house or not, always make sure that your garage is secured and locked before you go away. There are all kinds of things that can be stolen from garages, so you will want to make sure that yours is safe. 

Double Garage with flower pot

9. Protect Your Electrics, Pipes, And Gas

This is not a security measure, as much as it is a general protective rule for your house. Make sure to unplug any electronics before leaving — doing so will help to protect them from any electric surges

If you live in a cold climate, make sure to protect any exposed pipes from possible freezing. Shut off any gas valves, and set your HVAC or thermostat to low. This will save your resources, as well as protect your home from potential fire risk. 

Final Thoughts 

When you go away on holiday, you do not want to leave your house looking like a target. Nobody wants to stress about their home while traveling, so taking these simple measures will bring you that peace of mind. 

Keeping your home securely protected will definitely help you to enjoy your trip even more. It will also help to prevent any unwanted surprises when you return home! Just follow these simple steps, and you can rest easy while away — knowing that everything is safe at home. 

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