How To Give Your Home The Luxury Feel

February 6, 2020

If you have ever stayed in a high-end hotel, then you will know how enjoyable it can be to exist in such luxurious surroundings. And would it not be something special to have the same level of quality in our homes? While you may be unable to make things feel quite as magnificent as your favorite hotel, there are ways to infuse your property with features that push it in the right direction. Take a look at incorporating the tips that we have outlined below, and you might just find that you get nods of approval from all of the visitors to your home from now on:

Clear And Spacious

If you take a look at well-put-together homes or hotels, you will notice that there is typically a lack of clutter. While there may be a lot of items there, everything has its purpose — the space has not just become a place for any and all items. The room has been considered. So take a look at your home, and figure out what should be there, and what can go. The items that you do have in your house should be high-quality: it is better to have fewer high-quality goods than to have many substandard items. 

Upgraded Fabrics

Luxury is all about comfort. If you are not feeling comfortable, then you do not have a luxury home: it is as simple as that! So moving forward, take a look at upgrading your fabrics, so that they really allow you to sink into a deep level of relaxation when you are at home. You will find it hard to do this if you have got old linens, towels, duvets and so on that are passed their sell-by date! This is one of several purchases in your life where it is worth paying a little bit more than usual. You will notice the difference when you get home after a long day of work. Often the underrated fabrics in your home are the ones that decorate your windows, you are guaranteed a luxury feel to your home if you ensure you have fresh, clean and well-hung curtains or draperies. If you’re unsure on how to achieve this it’s best to have a look at a Guide to Hanging Draperies or curtains. 

The Perfect Temperature

If your home is going to be luxurious, then you cannot be continually battling with the temperature. It is difficult to really enjoy our surroundings when we are just that little bit too hot or cold. It is all about existing in the Goldilocks zone — the temperature that is just right. While there will, of course, be fluctuations throughout the year as the seasons change, you can keep your home feeling pleasant all year round by investing in the essential infrastructure. To keep things cool during summer, take a look at adding a fan — you check out a few stylish options at In the winter, you can keep your property warm by ensuring that your heater/furnace is in full working condition and that any drafts are kept out of the home. 

Entranceway Goodness

They say that you should start as you mean to go on. Think about the foyers at luxury hotels; they are always on point, every detail seems to have been taken care of. So, when it comes to the entranceway of your home, be sure that you are setting the scene. The idea is to create a sense of calm and serenity from the moment that you walk through the door. There are multiple steps to doing this. The first is to ensure that space is kept clear — you are not going to be in a relaxed mode if it feels as if you need to climb over things to enter your home, and there is no space for anything. You just need space for your keys and coat, no more! From there, it is all about adding small moments of joys, such as flowers, which will help to set the tone.

Feed The Senses

If you have ever been in a luxury hotel or home and struggled to put your finger on exactly what made everything work, then we may have the answer for you: your senses were being stimulated. We tend to focus on what we can touch when it comes to our senses, but there are many others, too! For example, what you smell. There are aromas that you can add to your property that will put you in a relaxed and luxurious state of mind — take a look at adding incense or a plug-in diffuser to your home. You will also want to focus on your lighting, too. This can make a huge difference, since there is a big difference between the effects of harsh, overhead lighting, and soft, atmospheric lighting, so make sure that your home’s lighting falls into the second category. Finally, think about adding color to your home. It will have a subtle yet powerful impact on your senses.

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

In The Outdoors

What is luxury, other than enjoying all the good things that life has to offer? One underrated way to make your property a space that you love is to create an awesome outdoor spot, where you will be able to spend many a pleasant spring and summer evening. Of course, since we are talking about luxury, you will want to make things high-quality. Begin by adding a decking area, outdoor furniture, and a BBQ. For the yard itself, creating a calm and relaxing space by adding flowers, plants, and a water feature will do the trick — it will be like your very own English garden.

Luxury Bathrooms

You could work on making your whole home luxurious, but that would sure take a lot of time — and in any case, probably is not necessary. You do not need the room where you do your laundry to be luxurious, after all. Instead, you should focus on a few key rooms, the places where you will notice the impact most. Perhaps the most important of these rooms will be the bathroom. Get this right and you will be swimming in luxury! 

Decadent Attitude 

Finally, be sure to add a few elements of decadence to your home! Luxury is not about what is practical; it is about the things that make life worth living. Do you have space for a wine collection or a cocktail station, or a top of the line entertainment system? Things like these will have you living in luxury, and make your home more fun, too. 

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