5 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Stay Away From

February 7, 2020
Digital Marketing

Blogging has gained wide popularity in the past few years; not just as a tool to help one get SEO benefits, but also as way to earn money directly. Blog owners are nowadays getting hosting services, in order to be able to host their own content, and earn an extra coin out of it. But regardless of whether one does blogging for passion, for income, or for SEO related services, the rules of blogging are the same.

Below are 5 principles of blogging, they should help you avoid some of the common mistakes that most bloggers make;

1. Fresh content is King:

some of the most popular, widely read, and widely shared blogs are not those hosted on superior hosting platforms or done by very famous authors. Rather, it is about the freshness of content. Thus, always strive to regularly post new and fresh content not just to captivate and thrill your readers at the moment, but also to keep them loyal in the long term. Let them not click to your blog post, and find the same content that was there 3 months ago, hasn’t been updated.

2. Avoid Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is a plague that you should avoid at all costs! Google will instantly blacklist or warn you if they stumble upon plagiarized content on your blog posts. But that’s not the worst part. The moment your readers realize that you have plagiarized content, they will mock you, share the plagiarized content widely on social media speaking all manner of ill things, and before you know it, you’ve lost credibility. When you lose credibility as a blogger, you are as good as finished.

3. Proper Formatting;

Avoid cluttering all your content in long, boring paragraphs! Mind you, a huge number of your readers will use mobile phones and other handheld devices to read your content. Long paragraphs are boring, to say the least. Use shorter, concise sentences, embrace the usage of bullets, subheadings, and point form.

4. Images/ Videos:

This is another tactic you should embrace. Readers will enjoy spending time on your blog post more if you have inserted photos and images, or embedded videos.

5. Comments Section:

Some bloggers are selfish and self-centered; they post a blog, and assume that all readers want to do is read and end it there. They forget to activate or include the comment’s section. Mind you, some people will scroll down to the comments section just to see what others have said before they even read the blog itself! Always ensure that you give your readers a platform to share their minds and opinions upon reading your blog post.

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