Why Shifting to Bio-fuel is a Necessity?

February 7, 2020

What is Biofuel?

Biofuel is a sustainable source of energy extracted from plants and crops. As the prices of the crude oil is increasing every day and the resources are exhausting hence, it is the need of the hour to shift to a sustainable source of energy such as biofuel.

Below are a few reasons why shifting to biofuel is a necessity;

1. To Fight Climate Change:

As the climate is changing rapidly, we need to look for low carbon dioxide producing fuel alternatives hence using biofuel is an ideal choice as it reduces carbon dioxide emission and helps in reducing greenhouse gases.

2. Increase in Energy Consumption:

As the population increases in the world, energy consumption also increases and to be able to fulfill the growing energy need, we need to shift towards sustainable energy resources such as biofuels.

3. Preserving Fossil Fuel:

As we use more fossil fuels to fulfill our energy needs, the resources may eventually get exhausted and fossil fuels take millions of years to form hence we need to preserve them by reducing its use and depending on alternative energy sources such as renewable sources of energy like biomass.

4. Reducing the Waste:

Biofuel uses waste material as the raw material; hence it reduces the waste content on our planet and aid in keeping it clean. Reducing waste also contributes to minimizing landfills, which is also essential in today’s world.

5. Easy to Use:

The main advantage of biofuel is that it can be used in the existing engines without making any changes as it can be stored, pumped and burned the same way as petroleum and diesel fuel. Hence you need not make any changes to the engines, which helps in saving a lot of costs.

6. Economic Development and Security:

Investing in biofuel will boost economic growth as the country does not need to depend on importing crude oil from other countries and can produce its own biofuel reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, This also creates more jobs in the country as the biofuel industry grows.

7. It is Biodegradable and Recyclable:

Biofuel is considered less toxic than diesel and the damage to the environment is minimal. Biofuel such as wood pellets from https://www.dkbrænde.dk is considered as a natural source as it is much safer to handle as well than petroleum fuel due to its low volatility.

8. Reduce Production on Greenhouse Gases:

It is a known fact that burning fossil fuel produces many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which traps sunlight and causes global warming, hence we need to take measures to reduce this impact by using biofuels which reduces greenhouse gases up to 65%.

9. To Lower Pollution Levels:

Biofuels are considered as renewable resources as it is made from them, hence it causes less pollution by releasing lower carbon dioxide and other emissions when burnt. Biofuel produces carbon dioxide when burnt but plants are grown to make biofuel, hence the carbon dioxide emitted is used by these plants creating a self-sustaining system.

We can argue that using renewable sources such as solar, wind, and water may be a better alternative as it does not produce any greenhouse gases unlike biofuel but we cannot totally depend on these sources as their availability is unpredictable hence shifting to biofuels is a middle path we can take towards a cleaner and sustainable environment.

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