Wedding Cards Versus The Free Wedding Templates

August 24, 2015

Rare are the cases where you do not need wedding cards for the sake of passing down your formal invitations conveniently. Again it may be an expensive task to uphold given that the process is not all roses and in fact it is even expensive to produce just ten wedding cards, leave alone the hundreds, that you have to produce. Nowadays, however, it is quite possible to overlook this huge expense and go for a better option that is templates. With templates, you not only produce the kind that you like, but you also get to oversee the printing yourself!

Make no mistake, the free wedding invitation templates are no different to your run-of-the-mill wedding cards when it all comes down to getting your invitations out there to all the respective parties. Apart from this single similarity, everything else about the two is different. The free wedding templates, for one, are remarkably easy to create. You can get access to online applications, which ideally assist you to put down on paper your creative ideas and eventually come up with the best wedding templates that meet your expectations. All of this is quite possible with only a few and equally easy steps that involve only you inputting your wedding information and leaving the rest up to the program. Once you are done, you only need to save the pdf or jpg file of your finished product and you can print them any time out of box.

You can get these templates in one of two formats, which solely depends on choice i.e. docx and jpg formats. The templates which take the docx format (MS word) are extremely easier to make, as compared to the ones which use the jpg format. This is because in the case of the jpg format, you need to utilize graphical programs of which not all couples have a working knowledge of due to its sophistication. This concurrently will lead you to use the templates which employ editable MS word format and equally editable jpg formats.

Advantages of using free wedding templates:

  • Saves time

Apart from the part where you need to enter your wedding details and what not, all the other processes have been automated for you. Most of the design work is a walk in the pack, since it is work that has already been done for you, thus in the end you save a good amount of time which you could use to make other extra plans. Free templates can not only be used as invites for your big day, but you can also use them as wedding announcement cards after making some wording adjustments. Finally, the templates which you get are of standard dimensions and size hence you are guaranteed to get proper envelopes to go with them.

  • Uniqueness

After making your templates, you have the option of adding your own creativity to come up with an even better-looking and satisfying wedding card. You can, for example, add some small pretty crystals, putting feathers, etc., which is not a hustle of a task. On the other hand, in order to give a more personalized view you can make use of the free wedding stationery templates which requires you only add a few extra elements. There is absolutely no limit to the creativity, uniqueness, and style that you can give your templates. Applying this will leave your guests baffled.

  • Choice of materials

With templates you have the choice of going for the kind of material that will better suit your design for it. For folded designs you can opt for thin paper, rather than thick paper, and so on by StationeryXpress. However, as you rack your mind over the choice you need consider that the kind of paper you choose is printable to avoid hick ups. Another thing you need to put into consideration is the color of your paper to go with your input texts. Go for a color of your fancy, but it must not conceal your information and text.

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