What Do You Need: Breast Augmentation Or Breast Lift?

February 22, 2020

Having fuller breasts is an innate desire in women, which is connected to the endless pursuit of perfecting the looks. Breast augmentation is perhaps the most practiced plastic surgery procedure, because women are just too sensitive about how their body looks. Many women, who are unhappy with their breasts, be it for size, shape or firmness or some other reasons like to set it right with a plastic surgery procedure that the world knows as breast augmentation. A lot of women look towards breast Implants doctor Las Cruces. The selection of the procedure depends on what women want to achieve.

The most popular procedures are breast augmentation and breast lift and to decide what should be good for you, please consult a certified Top breast surgeon. The surgeon on knowing the goals of patients can suggest whether she needs breast augmentation or breast lift because for the common man both procedures often appear to the same. The procedures are entirely different because it serves different purposes of breast improvement. A breast lift is a procedure that helps to enliven drooping breasts by imparting firmness to it while breast augmentation relates to resizing of breasts like what you see on breastaugmentationsingapore.net.

Different aspects of breast augmentation

Enhancing the size of breasts is what you can achieve from the procedure of breast augmentation. The procedure comprises of four major areas that you must be aware of before deciding in consultation with the plastic surgeon.

  • Using implants – Placing implants in the breast is the only way to make it look fuller and bigger, but it entails a surgical procedure that involves creating an incision in or around the breast for inserting the implant.  The surgeon decides whether the incision will be under the fold of the breast, in the armpit or around the nipple. The first option is popular for optimal access to the breast tissues.
  • Shape and size of implants – Implants come in various shapes and sizes, and the choice depends on blending your needs with the biological aspects of the body like your natural foundation, body form and the shape of your chest wall. Lifestyle considerations are also crucial in implant selection.  
  • Implant types – Silicone and saline implants are the available options that depend on the patient’s body type and preference as well as the kind of results one expects from the procedure. Those ready to accept extensive surgery and do not mind large incisions and high costs can go for silicone implants that give a more realistic and natural feel. Those who have adequate breast tissues can opt for saline implants.

Breast lift – what is it?

Aging is a primary reason for drooping breasts, and multiple pregnancies can also cause it. For correcting the breast to get back the shape and restore the volume, a breast lift is the recommended procedure. Three types of procedures like vertical breast reduction, periareolar and inverted T incisions are available with the choice is left on the surgeon.

For correcting drooping breasts, the only option is breast lift while breast augmentation is suitable for all other purposes of breast improvement.

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