How To Remember Your Favorite Travel Memories

March 2, 2020

Every moment of an amazing trip feels like it is sure to last a lifetime. But once the adventure is over and you return to your normal life, all those incredible experiences begin to fade into the dark recesses of your memory. 

That is why it is so important to do everything you can to remember your trip. 

Here are six fun ideas to keep those memories running long after your return flight has pulled up to the gate:

Write A Travel Journal

While pictures can capture the amazing views and the smile on your face, a travel journal serves as a more direct look at your internal feelings during your trip. 

Each day of the trip, try taking just five or ten minutes a day to write. You can briefly recap what you did since your last entry and then describe how it has left you feeling.

Later, you will always have this first-person account of what the experience was like. Not only will reliving the experience like this be fun, but it could also help you out in future tough moments. 

Nothing lifts the spirits when you’re feeling blue like an intimate reminder of how happy a little bit of traveling can make you.

Make A Photo Book

Whether you brought a real camera or took shots with your smartphone, you’ve probably got loads of pictures from your trip. 

But let us face it: if you leave them in a digital format, you probably will not really ever look at them. That amazing picture with new friends you met on the road will disappear among the party selfies on your mobile devices. And even if you upload your photos to Instagram or Facebook, they will eventually get lost among all you other pictures in the backwaters of social media.

Try doing this instead: select your favorite photos and use them to make a photo album book. The process will be creative and fun and it will allow you to relive your trip. 

Then, put the book in a prominent place in your house (the coffee table is perfect). That way, every time you find yourself waiting for a friend or bored during a commercial break, you can open up your photo book and enjoy the memories you made on your trip.

Color A Map

Several companies offer blank maps that allow you to color in the places you have traveled. Coloring, even for adults, is just plain fun. 

Also, with a little bit of creativity, you can make your map especially personalized and meaningful. You can color-code for different types of trips, distinguishing between business trips, family vacations, and romantic getaways. 

You could also trace or outline in marker the places you plan to go next. A building sense of anticipation is a source of delight for any traveler.

Make A Movie About Your Trip

Making a mini-movie is another creative way to commemorate your trip. You can take a series of short videos during your travels, recording the best experiences and the most amazing places. Then, when you get home, you can use movie-making software to create a polished final product.

Having a complete “documentary” rather than a series of random, short videos will make it easier for you to look back and reminisce. Instead of looking for one video among many, you can always watch your complete movie and feel that warming sensation of nostalgia giving you the tingles.

Create A Collection

While on the road, try to collect some sort of object that will remind your future self of the trip. The actual things you gather can be plain or quirky. 

Mugs and shot glasses are of course favorites, but there is always room to get more creative. You could even get a rock or a little patch of sand from each site. The important thing is that the items remind you of your experience.

The beauty of a physical collection is that it will look good in your house. You could even make a special display for what you have gathered and hang it up on a wall. That way, your decor will be both beautiful and meaningful.

Write A Blog

This is similar to the travel journal option, but is better for sharing with friends. By recording the major experiences of your trip in a simple travel blog, you preserve them both for yourself and the important people in your life. 

You can go back and read your blog any time you would like, and tell your curious friends to do the same. Many will likely comment, turning the enjoyment of your memories into a communal, interactive experience.

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