First Communion Etiquette

March 3, 2020

The first communion is definitely a big day in the life of every Christian Child. Most of them spend months and even years to prepare for this important event. In general, the Protestant and Catholic children receive the first communion when they are between the age group of 7 to 12; the procedures may vary from Church to Church.

This sacrament has great importance in the life of every child. People love to call their relatives, friends and many dear and near ones to attend the ceremony at church. Many people say that the first communion ceremony must be an intimate affair, but in actuality, it is always good to let your loved ones join the event. You should create a holy communion invitation to welcome them all for the holy ceremony.

First Communion Etiquettes:

There are so many things that you may have to do to make this ceremony a more special occasion. However, it is first important to follow essential etiquettes for the event:

Sending invites:

Usually, there is no need to invite extended family members to the first communion ceremony. However, you can call those to whom your child is particularly closure or those who have a direct relation to the religious developments in the child. Some of the most common people who should be invited to this special event are godparents, cousins, uncles, close aunts, siblings, and grandparents.

There are some pre-defined etiquettes for sending invites. Below we have highlighted a few details about making this thing easier for you:

  • Guests that are not church members:

In case if your child has a close connection to some people who do not visit the church; they can be still invited to be a part of the ceremony. Make sure the premises have enough space for them and you should create invites for them ahead of time.

  • Close friends of your child:

There is no point in inviting the entire class of your child for the first communal ceremony; however, the close friends must be part of the event. Many times, people even prefer creating group ceremonies for the kids of the same age group.

  • Family members:

You should send special invites to the close family members as they would always love to be part of the ceremony. Even the step relative cam be also, include in celebration.

Wording on the Invitation:

Well, these invitations are not required to be formal; rather, they must set a tone for your event. You can find many catchy designs for the confirmation invitations online; however, people also love to customize them with some unique wordings. These cards must include the name of your daughter, location and time, etc.

Gifts for the child:

All the guests should bring some gifts to the child to celebrate a special occasion. The close family members can even present cash or some themed gifts. There are plenty of gifts available online for girls and boys as well. The section may vary depending upon your relation with the child.

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