The Good And The Bad Of Planting A Fig Tree In Your Garden

March 10, 2020

There is no garden more beautiful than one that has a wide variety of plants, including flowers, fruit shrubs, cacti, etc. If at the time of selecting the plants the gardener is intelligent, he can have his garden in a beautiful state all year. But it is not always about placing plants for the beauty of our space, sometimes it is good to take advantage of other benefits, such as that offered by fruit trees. In fact you can take part in tree charities and contribute to the nature.

Obviously, each fruit tree gives us different advantages if we plant it in our garden, but we must never forget that it can also give us some headaches, as is the case with the fig tree. And we will talk about this in this article, read it to the end to know the good and the bad of planting a fig tree in your garden.

Disadvantages Of Planting A Fig Tree

Always in life I liked to know first the bad and then the good, that allows me to spend the bad times better. And it will not be otherwise in this article, so let us start with all the bad things involved in planting a fig tree in your garden:

The fig trees are deciduous plants, so that in autumn their leaves fall, this added to the fall of the fruits that have not been collected, brings a lot of dirt to your garden. Therefore, if you are going to plant it, try not to do it near terraces, swimming pools or open patios.

In times of harvest, if you do not collect their fruits periodically, they will attract many insects, such as flies, bees, wasps, etc.

This fruit tree can grow out of control, so you can invade your neighbor with its branches. That is why it is essential to perform annual pruning on fig trees. Although it is not a very complicated task, it should be properly informed so as not to make cuts that damage the plant.

The roots of this plant develop slowly but steadily and with great force. This can bring many problems in a garden. They can lift tiles, break bricks, break the walls of a house, etc. In addition, they desperately seek water sources, being very common to find pipes covered with roots in a house with fig trees.

Advantages Of Planting A Fig Tree

Well, the bad is over, if you came here, you probably still have the idea of ​​planting a fig tree in your garden, so let us see all of the Folsom arborists for advice on planting trees and all the good and beautiful things you will have if you plant them.

It adapts to a large number of climates, being also very resistant to drought times. Therefore, if you are one of those who forget to water the plants regularly, the fig tree can become your ideal fruit.

During the harvest season it produces two types of fruits, the first one ripens in spring and the second one in late summer. Therefore, extend the time you will have fruits to consume at home.

It is an easy plant to get, just have a neighbor who has a fig tree and through cuttings you will have a plant for you. You can take advantage of the pruning season to ask your neighbor for a cutting.

In case you have an extremely small garden, or winters are very raw where you live, the fig tree can develop in a pot. In addition, it is a perfect example to practice bonsai.

Its fruit has many uses, you can make sweets, consume them fresh or dried.

You are probably leaving some advantage and / or disadvantage in the inkwell, but hey, I am sure that these are the most important. It is up to you to decide whether or not to plant a fig tree in your garden. So tell me what have you decided?

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