How Much A Certificate In Dog Grooming Could Help Your Career

March 14, 2020

Do you like cute and cuddly or big and handsome? Maybe you have a passion for those that drool at the mouth when they see you or play hard to get and run in the opposite direction when you call out their name?  Yep, I can feel your heart beating — just their mesmerizing eyes and funny little ways make you wanna hug ‘em and kiss ‘em!

Whoa — slow down and take a deep breath — we are talking dogs here folks. Those bundles of joy which require food, water, lots of love and a great deal of pampering to keep them looking and smelling good enough to share your space.

So, are you thinking what I am thinking? Yep, there is a huge market out there for pampering pooches — it is a two-way street — you get to spend time with said fur babies, bonding and transforming them into someone’s much loved prize pet, and you get paid for it! Oh yes, this is getting interesting

What are some of the employment options that dog grooming courses can achieve?

  • Animal day care /dog -grooming business
  • Animal grooming assistant/animal trainer
  • Dog kennel attendant
  • Dog shelter employee

From mobile to salon savvy: take it to the next level!

A dog grooming or pet salon business can be a relatively easy business to start.  Pet grooming can be a one-person operation or expand into a larger company.  A dog grooming business could be run from home, storefront, or mobile. Grooming services often include shampoo, nail clipping, and a haircut. You may choose to groom other pets besides dogs. Some additional services that can be offered besides grooming are nutritional care, skincare, in-home pet sitting, pet boarding, dog walking, pet care, pet exercise, and more. Moreover, being certified as a dog groomer helps getting hired in a renowned salon.

A quirky, easy to remember name for your grooming business is a sure way to gain initial momentum, but long-term success will require qualification, dedication, great outcomes and an attention to details such as hygiene, cleanliness and tidiness. Look at your work area through the eyes of your clients and always strive to meet those expectations and above.

Comb over, nail rehab or just a good fashioned square back and sides? 

A dog salon is a nurturing place where one’s best friend can unwind after a long day of chasing whatever their heart desires. It is important to keep a dog’s coat clean and healthy. A good groomer will give sound advice on the best haircut options. And there certainly are some standard cuts for different breeds.

There are seven common haircuts for dogs (yes really!): Teddy Bear Cut; Poodle Cut; Lamb Cut; Shaved; Kennel Cut; Topknot and Clean Face.

Just as there are different haircuts, there are different nail cuts to be applied, depending on the breed and activity of the dog. Are you with me now, this is serious business!

Unless a pet is a very active outdoor dog, nails will need to be trimmed on a regular basis — anywhere from once a week to once a month. Nail-trimming and grooming are activities that are often feared by both dogs and owners. A professional groomer, trained in the proper techniques, provides a level of comfort to the dog and its owner. 

If you are ready to get started working in dog grooming as a career or start your very own at home dog grooming business, but do not have the time or option to be in a classroom? Then this online dog grooming course for you!

Learning online in partnership with IgroomHub is proud to present the ONLY online course developed by groomers that includes professional grooming kit and industry best standards. This course has current, up to date information and expert advice from long time industry groomers and trainers.

The online certificate in dog grooming is perfect for those who want to make their dog grooming dream a reality! You will gain all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to bathe, trim, clip & style the coats of all dogs including speciality coat types and many different dog breeds.


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