Some Of The Best Places To Visit On Holiday In 2022

March 20, 2020

If you are looking for an excellent holiday destination for 2022, then there are many amazing places that you and your family can visit. Take a look at some of the destinations below to get your senses tingling and start planning a fantastic holiday for 2022 that you will not forget.


Estonia is not usually high up on people’s places to visit in Europe, but there is an increasing number of tourists that are exploring this Northern European country. There is an abundance of beautiful open spaces in Estonia, as well as a thriving food scene, and also plenty of history on offer. You can walk around a fantastic castle and then soak up the atmosphere while you enjoy some food and drink, or you can treat yourself and visit a spa. Estonia is a place that is proving to be a big attraction for tourists looking for something different than a typical beach holiday.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a beautiful city in Russia and the second largest in the country, with a wealth of sights and experiences to offer visitors. There is plenty of impressive architecture on display, as well as museums, parks and gardens, shops, restaurants, and anything else you could want when you visit. You can also start an adventure in St. Petersburg and enjoy one of the Trans Siberian railway tours and travel to exotic destinations such as Beijing.

The Dead Sea

Another destination that is worthwhile visiting and is seeing a growing number of tourists visiting each year is the Dead Sea. You can access the Dead Sea on the coast of Israel and Jordon, and this is the lowest point on earth. Enjoying a swim in this extremely salty sea will see your buoyancy increased, and there are also iconic places to visit not far away, including Petra and Jerusalem Curt E. Liebman MD.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful part of South East Asia and is often overlooked with tourists with them preferring to visit places such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Sri Lanka certainly has plenty of beautiful beaches on offer, and you can also explore the interior of the country and take in some of the fascinating history that is on display, or enjoy the wildlife that is on offer and you can definitely find abandoned places here. If you visit the Minneriya National Park during July through to early November, you may catch a glimpse of The Gathering, where you can see wild elephants migrating.

Staying A Little More Local

You do not have to travel abroad to have a fantastic holiday with you and your family, and wherever it is that you live, there will no doubt be plenty of places to visit and explore. If you have plenty on your doorstep, you can go for multiple days out and save on the cost of staying in a hotel, which allows you to have a cost-effective holiday.

Wherever it is that you decide to go on holiday, with a bit of research and planning, you can have a fantastic holiday that does not need to cost the earth, which will give you memories that will last for a lifetime.

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