Top Ten Travel Tips That Everyone Must Know

July 16, 2020

There are some travel tips that a traveler must keep a note of when they are planning their journey. Listed below are the top ten travel tips that will help you to save money and reduce the chances of anything bad that comes up during your travels.

1) Prepare a list

Prepare a list of things that you want to take with you on the trip, so that you do not forget anything. Also prepare a list of how you could organize the days during the trip such as the places you want to visit or any activity you want to do during your travels, and so on.

2) Things you should carry with you during the trip

Be selective about what you pack and select the ones that can serve you during the trip. You do not have to pack so many clothes that you know you are not going to wear. Carry photocopies of important documents (example: passport). You should also carry a basic first kit aid comprising of fever and cold medicines, cough tablets, painkillers, bandages, rehydration salts, and other things that are not easily accessible during the course of the journey. Apart from this, you should also carry sunscreen lotion, a small pair of scissors, a small tube of petroleum jelly, toothbrush, extra camera batteries, etc. in your luggage.

3) Get travel insurance

Everyone should carry travel insurance when traveling since a medical emergency during the course of the journey can wipe out all your savings. Travel Insurance offers coverage for accidents, injuries, and hospital visits when you are staying away from home. The travel insurance will take care of any sickness or infection that might occur to you while traveling.

4) Make an emergency plan

Write down the phone number of the local police station, ambulance service, and Air ambulance 1 on a sheet of paper and keep it in your wallet/purse. Also, carry a map that has directions to the nearest embassy for your country. Make sure that email the full travel itinerary to your few friends and family members so that they can notify the proper local authorities or the embassy if you do not return home after the stipulated time period.

5) Try to wake up early

During a vacation, when the time in our hands is limited, it will be better to wake up early and try not to waste much time. If you get up early, you can better plan your days and make it memorable by taking pictures with the first light of the morning, avoid endless queues near the tourist attraction spots, and so on.

6) Travel with a group

If you are travel with a group, there are lesser chances of thieves snatching away your valuable items. A group has a daunting physical presence that helps in averting predators of all kinds and also keeps you safe. If you are traveling alone, make some new friends so that you can explore places together. Be aware of professional scammers who tend to take advantage of travelers looking for a friend. Also, do not leave your expensive or essential items with a fellow traveler you meet on a trip, no matter how friendly they seem.

7) Eat local food

Do not be afraid of eating local food when you travel. You will have enough time to eat the food items in your country. So, when you travel to another country, do not miss out on the opportunity to eat the local food over there. Some of the tips that you should follow while trying the local food over there are stated below:

  • Eat at popular places with long queues
  • Try to watch how the food is prepared
  • Eat fully cooked food as they are the safest
  • Only eat peel-able fruits since they do not contain any bacteria

8) Start conversations with local people

If you want to know about neighborhoods that are safe, ask a local resident of the area. Try to learn common phrases of the local language. If you face language problems, you can also make yourself understood by using hand gestures and body language. Most local residents are friendly and will warn you about the dangerous areas. Hotel front desk employees are also good sources of local advice. They will inform you which parts of the city you should avoid, how much money a taxi will charge, and where to find a good place for eating.

9) Indulge in extra safety

Please be aware of the valuable items you are carrying, and try to keep an eye on them in such a way that it becomes impossible to steal any item without you knowing about it. Use a slash-proof backpack so that the material cannot be cut or torn by anyone. Also, call your hotel and ask them if they have secure storage options like a room safe, locker, or a locked storage area. Sometimes it is important to spend extra moneyto indulge in a good hotel, a more convenient flight, or a tour agency that has a strong safety record.

10) Use ATMs sensibly

Always be careful while using ATMs in foreign countries. Do take a close look at ATM machines before you use them. If you find any sign of tampering, go into the bank and get someone to check if there are any issues. If there is any such tampering issue, use another ATM elsewhere. Do cover your hand while you are typing your PIN number at an ATM.


So, now that you know all the best travel tips, plan your trip and enjoy your journey with confidence.

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