Facts About Bonsai Trees

March 23, 2020

Some four hundred years ago some Chinese invented this art of growing trees, which we today call as bonsai trees. Many people think that bonsai trees originated from japan, which is a wrong perception but still many oriental history books claim its origin to japan, so we would leave this discussion.

Now, many people take bonsai trees as a mystery and something only related to Asia, they do not know that, what is a bonsai tree? This art of bonsai trees was started by Buddhist monks, but the reason for growing bonsai trees was the cultivation of art.

Those who grow and keep bonsai trees, believe that the reason of having them is the appreciation of the mixture of both art and spiritual realities. Chinese especially believe that the miniature is the only way for representing bigger and profound spirit.

One of the most important things about bonsai trees are the pots. Chinese artists have designed these ceramic pots. The main material is always ceramics; however, a few monks have developed pots out of pure clay and call it as a source of perfection and purity.

As we talk about the literal meaning of bonsai, then we have to come to this fact that bonsai means a tree in a tray.

Over the years the traditional style of bonsai has been changed. New artists and horticulturists have developed new designed. Now, not only in japan and china, people from all over the world has also appreciated the art of indoor bonsai trees.

Accessories for bonsai tree

There are a lot of accessories which are required for keeping and maintain a bonsai tree. From the clay of the pot and the soil which will be most suitable for the plants. Many people love the glazed pot, but those monks think that they do not admire the artificiality of glazed pots, moreover the shape of the pots also matter.

Another interesting thing which is used for keeping a bonsai tree, is the dripping tray. You are not supposed to water the bonsai directly, Japanese do not recommend it as it disturbs the composition of the weak branches.  You are supposed to leave the water in the tray for 24/7. The plant naturally absorbs the supplied water.

Many bonsai dealers are selling some bonsai kits, a few of them are labeled as bonsai starter kits. These kits include all those things which you will need for growing and nurturing a bonsai tree.

For instance, the plant, pot, its tray, decorative pebbles, a pack of fertilizers and a note of instruction. Lastly, the wires, which are the backbone of any bonsai tree. You can also add some more decorative articles for making it look more attractive.

Bonsai trees are a dream come true for those who love planting and flowering. You never know when you will be a master. the only method to learn is the hit and trial. However, one thing is for sure that even if you are a beginner, bonsai trees will always look good. 

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