Tips To Lessen Damage To Your Hair

March 25, 2020

The Heat Is On

As women, we do damage to our hair practically every day. From blow drying to curling or straightening irons, heat does a lot of damage to our hair. Here are some tips for lessening that damage. First of all, if you use a blow dryer, use an iconic blow dryer. It emits charged particles that can cut drying time in half and encourage the cuticle to lie flat. Another thing you can do is use a one-pass flat iron. It has ceramic plates that glide over hair delicately and leave it shiny with just one pass over it. 

Other Helpful Tips

Some other things that will help control the damage to your hair are things like using a gentle and preferably boar’s bristle brush. This helps to distribute your hair’s natural oils and minimizes breakage. Be sure to gently and thoroughly brush your hair several times a day to avoid tangles which become impossible. If you use a comb, use a large, wide-toothed one. Also, when you wash your hair, use a super absorbent, microfibrous towel and avoid twisting it or wringing it. This can cause more damage than you can imagine. 

Best Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions can cause damage to your own hair, but the clip-in variety like the ones found at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, do not. They are made from the highest quality European Remy human hair on the market, and with good care they can last up to 3 years. Since they are made from high quality human hair, you just use the same nourishing products you use on your own hair. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a line of hair extensions that have a unique clip-in design that you can apply in just seconds, with no damage to your own hair. They are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style, so you can try different ideas before making any permanent changes. They’re a great way to drastically change your appearance and achieve the look you want. 

Additional Facts

Finding new and different hairstyles can be exhausting, and that’s why hair extensions can be a fantastic idea on how to completely change things up and have people talking about what your secret is, long after you’re gone. These particular extensions come with excellent customer support, and the option of visiting their website for many different tutorials that can help you with every aspect of your extensions. They also offer free hair consultations if you want help with selecting which kind of extension is best for you, or simply want some expert advice. There are payment plans for those who qualify, and that won’t affect the timely shipment of your order. These clip-in hair extensions are an excellent investment, and give you an additional advantage over traditional hairstyles. Try them out and see for yourself what an amazing difference they can make. Be the best version of yourself possible! 


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