Looking To Tackle A Spring Home Sale: Here Is How

March 30, 2020

If the thought of Daylight Savings Time and the sound of birds chirping has inspired you to make this the year that you move, Spring is usually the perfect time! For much of the country, Spring is when the sluggish real estate market starts showing signs of life after a long winter. Normally, people are actively shopping for homes, and homeowners are preparing to sell. The current economic situation, however, is requiring us to make changes in the way we are doing business. Virtual staging, virtual photography, virtual videos, and buying sight unseen while using professional Realtors, have made it possible to continue to “make it happen.” While we are  living in a strange time with the looming coronavirus, here are a few ways to get the jump on your Spring home sale once this comes to an end:

Uncertain Times: What Now?

With the coronavirus reaching pandemic status and much of the country keeping to themselves, the housing market has understandably turned sluggish. And if you are one of the many homeowners remaining home to slow the spread, you can use the time you are saving from commuting to focus on home projects. You may even get to tackle non-priority projects at the bottom of your list!

Some sellers are opting to pull their properties off of the market, choosing to wait until the economy gets a little more stable, and buyers are holding off as well. Despite the economic upheaval from the virus, real estate agents still predict that we will see a seller’s market at the end of this, it is just a matter of waiting. If you want to find ways to list and sell now — call to see how our team can help you realize that possibility.

The best thing you can do to ready your home for a spring sale is to carry on with your usual spring cleaning routine and dedicate some of your extra time to tackle projects you may not have gotten around to otherwise. This way, you will be in great shape when buyers start coming to tour your home.

Spring Clean

If you bypass spring cleaning each year, this is the year to take note. The best way to start prepping your home for sale is with an extensive cleanup, both inside and out. Tackle cleaning projects you have been putting off for too long, such as wiping out kitchen cabinets or cleaning behind the refrigerator and check them off the list. 

Focus On Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior appearance is crucial no matter what season you are selling, but Spring is the time when you can get it to shine. One of the most essential Spring home selling tips is to make sure that your home presents well from the outside. In this case, first appearances are of the utmost importance, as it can be the difference between someone asking to schedule a tour or continuing to scroll on to the next property.

Clear dead leaf and flower debris from your beds and plant blooms in bright colors. Mulch your beds to create a tidy appearance. Take the opportunity to plant grass seed in any areas that may have suffered over the winter months and make sure to keep your lawn trimmed while your home is on the market. 

Make sure your gutters are clear and that your home’s siding is washed free of any dirt or mold that may have accumulated over the winter months. Thoroughly inspect your front door: are there any cobwebs? Make sure your front entryway is spotless and looks welcoming. And when was the last time you washed the outside of your windows? If you cannot remember, take the time to do it now or call in a window cleaning service to take care of it for you. Grimy windows are a turn-off.

Clear Out The Clutter

Those closets you have meant to organize? Now os the time to finally face them. One of the best seasonal home selling tips is to go through your possessions with a discriminating eye. Taking the time to declutter your home and organize those items you plan to keep also gets you prepared for your upcoming move. Consider packing items you will not need until after you move and using a storage pod or storing neatly at home. 

Part of the decluttering process is taking the time to depersonalize your home. You want prospective buyers to walk through your home and envision themselves making a life there, which is hard to do with family portraits and school photos everywhere. Instead, remember that this is temporary, and take the time to carefully pack framed photos and keepsakes, ensuring that they will survive the move. See it as getting a head start on the often laborious packing process.

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