No Special Knowledge or Skills Needed to Make a Passive Income Out of Digital Assets

May 9, 2020

It is unlikely that anyone will refuse to have a passive source of income without the need for special skills. Can digital assets be a source for someone who is far from the IT industry?

Research is recommended before making any financial decision, and investing in digital assets is no exception. Let’s look at some basic information about digital assets and how it can be a source of income to see if owners of digital assets need any education and training to make money.

What Is A Digital Asset?

Generally, any digital enterprise owned by a person or entity can be called a digital asset. Typically, by digital assets, people mean photographs and documents. However, the term should be interpreted more broadly.

New formats of digital assets are continually being introduced at an accelerating rate of technological progress. To be identified as a digital asset, an entity should meet specific criteria:

  1. It has to be digital
  2. It should be searchable
  3. It should have a particular value for its owner (mainly in monetary terms).

Based on these criteria, not only files of any format (audio, video, PDF, etc.) can be considered a digital asset, but also websites. It is a special type of asset that deserves detailed consideration.

Websites As Digital Assets

There are more than 1.5 billion sites in the world, and this number is continuously growing. Only about 200 million are active, and even less can be considered an asset that can bring money to its owner.

Cost Of A Website

When calculating the profit of a website, an important step will be to determine its value.

The Initial Cost of the Website May Include:

  1. Launch costs (research and planning, web design, software development)
  2. Fees for domain registration and renewal
  3. Maintenance and service costs.

Once a website helps its owner generate money, it ceases to be a liability and becomes an intangible asset.

Website’s Revenue

Website revenue can be associated with lead generation for business owners. However, the tools to generate revenue are much more diverse.

Among the Popular Sources of Income, Here are a Few:

  1. Advertising on YouTube, Taboola, and Outbrain
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Affiliate offers
  4. Sale of advertising space
  5. Various types of business cooperation.

Some of the standard tools listed above are easy to use. Therefore, making a profit from a website is not that difficult.

It takes some effort to make a website work, but if professionals manage it, the site can bring in millions of dollars.

The Ways Profitable Assets Are Made

Digital assets can make money, but what are the ways to become an owner of an asset?

Self-made Assets

You can launch a site yourself and go through all the necessary steps to launch and maintain it. These steps will include all technical and content issues, and much more.

In short, the Process of Creating a Site Will Include:

  1. Selects the creator of the site and subscribes to it
  2. Chooses the domain name
  3. Site creation by selecting and configuring templates
  4. Content preparation and its uploading to the site
  5. Site preview and testing
  6. Launch
  7. Post-testing of the site.

All this would be just the beginning. To make a website an effective tool, its owner must use all his or her creative abilities to find ways to monetise the website.

Creating, monetizing, and supporting the site can be hard work, so when choosing this option, you need to be prepared to spend the appropriate amount of time, energy, and money.

Services Of Freelancers And Agencies

Building and managing a website requires knowledge and skills. Some freelancers and agencies offer services on any issue that the site owner may encounter.

Those who want to make a profitable asset from the site may have only certain criteria for the site that they want, and the ability to choose professional freelancers or agencies that will help them in this.

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Stock Platforms

There is a way for website owners to skip the “create” step and buy a completed site in markets such as Flippa or Empire Flippers.

Such sites offer sites for people with different budgets – from $1 to over $250 000. Sellers provide all the necessary information, including the expected amount of money (when it can be calculated), the site can generate per month.

Buying a website is a relatively easy way to get a digital asset. However, all the work to manage it so that it remains (or becomes) profitable after the deal is made depends on the new owner.

Investing In Existing Websites As A Way To Earn On Digital Assets

As Aya Laraia, the host of Peso and Feelings, said, “when you invest money, you buy a day when you don’t have to work. If you successfully invest in the site, you may not work at all to get regular passive money.”

Some companies manage websites and attract outside investors by offering them “part” of their digital assets.Professional teams manage websites in these companies.

TikTak Global

TikTak Global is an example of companies that offer people an additional source of passive income by owning a digital asset that employees create, manage, and promote.

The rules for asset owners are simple: they choose a website and make the profit it generates. All management work is done by a professional team to make sure that the asset is growing all the time.

Partnering with companies like TikTak is an option for people who are far removed from the IT industry, although they are interested in making money from digital assets.

Summing Up On Digital Asset Investment – Does It Work For All?

The idea that digital assets were a source of income for all was not a myth but needed clarification.

If someone decides to make money on sites, not only by owning but also by managing them, a lot of work will be required. Only with a professional approach can websites be a profitable digital asset.

However, investing in a website managed by someone else may require basic knowledge, start-up capital, and professional advice. And with good website managers, this can be valid proof that digital assets are a passive source of income for all.

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