Planning The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

April 20, 2021

Gender reveal parties are a recent tradition and have been growing in popularity. They are a chance for expecting parents to share the gender of their baby with their loved ones. Some people incorporate this in the baby shower, while others make the gender reveal its own event. It is a very exciting time for a family. There is plenty you can prepare to make your party extra special for all your guests.

Guest List

Speaking of guests, we may as well start there. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself who do you want to share this news with? Of course, you will want your nearest and dearest there. Think of the people you are desperate to tell in person. Social media announcements are great for telling your wider circles, but the people you invite to your party should be the ones you care about the most. Let your guests know the date asap.


Most people decide to have their gender reveal parties in the privacy of their own home. After all, it is a special moment that you are sharing with your closest loved ones. A small, intimate, setting is perfect. Plus, it allows you to get creative and decorate the place however you like. There are lots of decorations for gender reveal parties that you can use to accessorise your party. Remember, to use neutral colors for your decorations as you want to save for a big reveal!

How To Reveal

This brings us nicely on to the main event: the reveal itself. There are lots of cute and creative options. From cutting open a cake to blasting confetti — you can find a way you think sounds the most fun. If you would rather take the pressure off yourself from revealing, you could create a game for the guests to play. There are gender reveal scratch cards and paint popping games. It is your party and you should do what you are comfortable with. You could also get creative with your social media post, too.

Capture The Moment

Finally, you want to ensure that you’ve got someone on hand to capture the moment. Videos are usually the best way to do this. Not only can someone film the reveal itself, but they also capture everyone’s reactions. It is a special memory you are sharing with your loved ones, and you will want to look back on it for years to come. You could also ask the person filming to go round the guests and get each one to record a message for your baby.  

Being pregnant is such a special time. A gender reveal party is a chance for you and all your loved ones to celebrate the new baby, before it is even born. What would you like to do at your gender reveal party?

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