Upgrading Your Home For The New Year

December 3, 2020

You can bet that many people will be investing in themselves at the start of 2021, hoping to refresh and rejuvenate after an awful start to the decade. That is okay. We have nine years remaining of this decade, and it is our job to make those years so wonderful that we forget all about this difficult time.

However, like looking after ourselves with a spa day, a makeover, or simply treating ourselves to some lovely food, it can be nice to invest in our homes from time to time. Many of us have spent a good amount of time this year staring at our four walls, and we need something a little more exciting to upgrade this space.

If you agree, you are in the right place. But more than just a simple added decoration, what upgrades could we make to our property? What investments could we apply that will, in retrospect, help us feel more at home than ever? It is worth asking those questions, through and through. So, let us ask them. Without further ado, here is our guide for upgrading your home in the New Year:

New Windows

A set of new windows can help your home feel newer, more refreshed. It also helps you see more clearly, quite literally. New windows can improve the natural light coming into your property during the day. Using the window selections here you can also achieve a beautiful, bountiful new aesthetic, one that you may not have been able to theme as well elsewhere. 

This helps you justify a repainting of the house if you’re looking for it, the installation of a new door, or perhaps simply removing the moss and renewing the frontal aesthetic of your home. This not only provides you with a beautiful new implement, but it helps improve the curb appeal of your home to a tremendous degree. Most home viewers report that the condition of the windows is often one of the biggest predictors of a positive first impression and so if you are even remotely considering selling in the next few years, this can be a fantastic investment.

Improving Your Driveway

It is important to consider your driveway, and how long it has been since you tried to improve it. It takes time, care and energy to keep a driveway in good condition, and even then, over time it will start to become a little worse for wear due to weather conditions and the raw practical regularity of your usage.

You might go for a resin epoxy driveway, one that can sustain harsh conditions while still providing you with a lovely aesthetic completely tailored to your tastes. A surrounding brick wall that helps guide vehicles in (and prevents other vehicles from using part of your garden to turn around) can be lovely. If you are not looking for a full-time renewed application, why not consider using garden lighting techniques, such as outdoor fairy lighting or individual station lighting, to help this area shine in the most beautiful way? Sometimes it is not only about practicality, but in helping your home feel more like it is yours. That can be a great way to see in the new year.

Garden Care

We are sure that in the midst of lockdown this year, you found some time to care for your garden. That being said, it is also true that garden care is a yearly cycle, and that in your time spent curating your garden, you noticed a few elements you hoped to change. It might just be that laying turf down again can help you replenish an area that may have held your children’s climbing frame for years, thus leaving the grass in a deadened state. 

Of course, right now we are in the midst of winter. Every garden is anything, but in its most prime state as of the moment, and that is completely fine. It might be that as the Spring comes in, you simply start to undo the damage of the colder months by trying something new. Planting vegetables, for instance, can give you a sense of pride as your harvest comes through near the end of the year. The funny thing about garden care is that the more you care for it, the more it cares for you. Those who have nor practice much gardening in the past will no doubt wonder what that somewhat saccharine statement means. We would explain it, but that will rob you of the joy in finding out for yourself.

Kitchen Improvements

Cook, bake, cook, bake, it is true that during lockdown, our kitchens were busier than ever. We may have never cooked so many home meals during the course of one year at all. You may have challenged yourself to new cuisines, you may have focused on perfecting that which comes natural. However, one truth remains — you deserve to enjoy a beautiful kitchen, one that helps you feel like an artist or a loving family member every time you cook.

This might involve the need to spend some time installing a new cooking unit, such as investing in a lovely Aga range. You might decide to invest in something as simple as a new spice rack, or corner-drawers for more space, or maybe you wish to reupholster a small kitchen table to make this space more accessible and easy to eat in now your children have flown the nest. To put it extremely simply — you deserve to have the kitchen of your dreams. Working there, bit by bit, can be a tremendous goal to hold for the new year.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is often the room that homeowners renovate last. That is because it is unlikely you are going to show this to those coming into your home. However, you deserve a wonderful sleep. Relaxing at night in a room that feels put-together, collected, and even indulgent during the long nights is so important. This might involve a new mattress. It might involve an air purifier. It might simply involve soundproofing the room against the busy outdoor street a little. Whatever works for you works for us.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily upgrade your home for the new year — in the best possible sense.

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