The Best Outdoor Activities To Do On The Gold Coast

May 12, 2020

One of the best places to visit is the Gold Coast, offering a ton of fun and adventure! The place is known for its relaxing surroundings and exciting things to do by the beach. However, the area is more than just sand and sea, but a smorgasbord of activities as well!

Though what exactly is there to do and what should you add to your itinerary? Read on, as I show you the best outdoor activities one can do when on the Gold Coast.

The Best Activities On The Gold Coast

Regardless of what kind of traveler you are and who you are with, you are bound to find something exciting to do on the Gold Coast! From simple bike rides to hiring Brisbane Helicopters for extravagant sightseeings, everyone will enjoy it.

Here are three of the best activities and hidden gems to look forward to:

  1. Hike A Mountain

The Gold Coast is an outdoor playground, with a ton of mountains you can conquer! You are able to find 360-degree views, trek in rainforests, traverse ridges, or even uncover waterfalls.

Some of the best mountains include Mt. Maroon for the panoramic view of Scenic Rim, or Mt. Bordeaux for a beautiful sunrise and skyline view of Brisbane’s central business district.

There are also other amazing mountains with spectacular views of the sunrise or sunset, such as Mount Ngungun or from any of the Glasshouse Mountains. You can find trails made for beginners or for the advanced mountaineer. Check out Bowaddicted for more information about outdoor activities.

  1. Swim In Wild Waterholes

Do you like water adventures, too?

You can also go wild swimming in the Gold Coast, and not just by the seas. Check out Cronan Creek Falls or the Mt. Barney National Park and you can head on to Lower Portals. This is where you go for waterhole swimming and cool off after an intense hike.

Or, for those who have 4WDs, head to the Upper Portals or the Cedar Creek Falls waterhole, which also has cool waters. It is great for families and friends on a hot day.

  1. Walk Under Waterfalls

Besides waterholes, swimming under waterfalls is an entirely new and breathtaking experience. You can even stroll under these picturesque waterfalls for that memorable photo.

Springbrook National Park is the ideal place, with fun trails and many waterfalls to choose form. There are Twin Falls, Blackfellow Falls, or Rainbow Falls, walking through the Tallanbanna Picnic Area or Canyon Lookout. Afterward, you can continue walking for even more scenic views or stop for a delicious meal or picnic!

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