How Should You Customize A Tabletop Display For A Trade Show?

May 12, 2020

Businesses need to represent their brands correctly at any public event! It helps to create a better brand reputation, business, and brand awareness. While brands can get that done through using signages, hoardings, and online ads, there are other options as well. If you are planning a public event, a seminar, trade shows, or a press conference, you need to plan your branding and promotion approaches smartly. A seminar or trade shows usually have stalls where company representatives elucidate product demonstration. They also welcome other queries and form submissions. One of the best tools for brand promotion and advertising here is the tabletop displays. 

Why Should You Choose A Tabletop Display?

Today, leading brands provide top-notch tabletop display and banners thatcater to company goals. It is one of the best ways to interact with the audience and other corporate audiences during trade shows and marketing events. Here you can opt-in for the printed display boards, which you can keep atop a table. Additionally, the leading service providers also provide you with the tabletop banners, which you can utilize for the booth spaces that vary in size. You can alternate between a counter or table set-up as well. 

The tabletop display boards and the customized banner stand gets mounted atop the table. It provides a direct view of your products and brand to your potential customers. The leading service provides tabletop banners that are durable and look appealing.

The fabrics used to make these displays and banner are vinyl, polyester, and other high-end material. It is tear-proof as well as weather resistant. Some of the ace service providers make use of the dye-sublimation printing process and apply several shades to make your banners appear classy and professional. You can view it carefully as you provide the relevant graphic design and text details. Make sure that the service provider prints the imageries and texts vividly so that it looks bright, crisp, and vibrant. Today, you can choose from a wide range of 3D tabletop displays as well.

Essential things to keep in mind

When you are planning to customize a tabletop display, you should keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Make sure that the brand logo, text, and the design gets placed centrally so that it gets maximum visibility.
  • Know if you are planning to place anything on the table other than the banner. If yes, then you need to customize the size of the graphic and text, so that nothing blocks the view.
  • Ensure that the print quality is excellent, and it doesn’t face after using a few times. A durable tabletop display can last in good condition for about three years. Ask for the maintenance guidelines to keep the displays in good condition.
  • Ask for packets from the service providers to pack and store the banners safe and secure.

High-end and durable custom tabletop banners and displays come with a cost. To make sure that you are paying the correct amount, make sure to browse and compare the product features and other quality. That way you can make the best choice. Also, there are specific tabletop banners and displays designed for trade shows and other public/marketing events.

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