Why Do Developers And Admins Need A Salesforce Version Control System

May 16, 2020

If you check out modern software developer and admin teams, you will find that almost all of them use version control. However, there are some Salesforce developers and admins that find it hard to use a version control system in their organizations. Only a handful of them can set up an effective version control system in their companies to use them successfully for software development programs or apps. Salesforce integration is the process of merging the data and functionality of Salesforce with another application to provide users with a single unified experience.

Why is the version control system essential for any business?

If you are working in any software development project that is collaborative, it makes sense to use a sound version control system in the organization. This system will help the admins and the developers that are working on the software app or program to work with one another safely. Their tasks are streamlined as they are aware of each other’s work, and this makes the project management more effective.

Experts in the field of Salesforce state that it is challenging for businesses to manage codebases that have many developers. One of the biggest problems that admins and developers face while using Salesforce is the issue of code clobbering. This takes place when another overwrites the code of one developer. There have been many instances in the past, and even today, where developers working with Salesforce have wiped out the codes of other admins and developers of the same time and the worst part being, they cannot be retrieved back.

Get rollbacks with the help of version control

With the help of a sound quality version control system, you can get a rollback of the previous work that you have completed on the program or the application. Some developers even might have introduced a bug into the code that later has caused problems for the end-user. With the aid of a sound Salesforce version control system, you can detect the change fast and make amends as soon as possible. Rollbacks can be done, and you can patch everything back to a past version in a short time. 

Get better code reviews

With the help of the version control system, you can conduct code reviews in the organization effectively. Several tools make it simple for admins and developers to review the code as well as changes that have been done by each other before it is deployed in the production org. The code quality gets enhanced thanks to this system, and the skills of the team members that are working on the software program are boosted as well.

Boost the visibility of the whole team

Version control plays a salient role when it comes to boosting the visibility of the whole team, and everyone knows what is taking place with the code. The system helps everyone get an accurate insight into what has precisely changed where and on which date and time.  This means everyone gets the chance to thoroughly review the Apex class and the rules of the workflow processes, so there are no chances of the code getting overwritten by mistake. Moreover, they also will understand how these changes have evolved with the passage of time and the name of the developer or admin who has worked on them. The levels of transparency are high, and so the communication is boosted among the team with overall visibility of the software development process.

An overview of Git

One of the most popular tools for source control is Git. It is designed and works quite fast for collaboration. The tool can give you a complete running update of every change that has been made to the code base. This means you can get an accurate picture of all the changes made when by whom and when.

This tool has a workflow branch that makes it one of the most widely sought-after tools among admins and developers in all sectors. There are no chances of the frustrating code conflicts, and this means the chances of code clobbering are eradicated. Developers get the opportunity to work on their codes without the risks of disturbing others.

The need for you to embrace the best practices for source control

There are again other tools that have the same features, and you get a simple user interface with them as well. However, you must ensure that you embrace the best practices for whichever tool you use for source control. This is one of the most challenging tasks that most businesses face when it comes to maintaining software apps and programs.

Salesforce has become popular today as it has helped people who do not have an in-depth knowledge of coding work effectively on software programs and apps. They can create amazing apps without the need to know to code. However, this might prove challenging with you are using source control systems and engaged in collaborative coding working with others. This is why using version control systems with Salesforce might not be feasible for many businesses, especially if they have a developer team with little or no experience of Salesforce.

Track every change

If you wish to use a version control system for your salesforce platform, ensure you have a team of developers who know it. They need to ensure that every change has been tracked on the production org. The developer should log in, make the change, and later implement it in the source control so that the others can see it as well. If this is not done, the purpose of keeping the source control in the process is wasted.

Therefore, make sure that the tool that is used for the source control for Salesforce can be set up quickly so that all the members of the developer team can access it. In this way, the organization can eliminate the overwriting of codes and other conflicts that mar the software program or the app’s development process. It will be beneficial for everyone in the long run and help the business run smoothly. So make sure that you use the right tools.

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