Common Traits Of A Creative Interior Designer

May 18, 2020

Never before has the world been so focused on the interiors of the home. Whether it be cleaning tips, DIY hacks, architecture or the overall look and feel of the space in which people reside, a whole world of new interests has opened up. There are influencers who educate us on all their incredible tips, celebrities who have spaces to desire and even entire accounts on social media documenting their house’s ‘journey’, whether it be from shell to mansion or simply just average to stunning. One of the best things to happen to the home décor industry is retailers becoming more accessible via the internet. Now, we can access much more of the products we want in our houses and at a reasonable cost too. From kitchenware to bedding, soft furnishings to wallpaper and even bigger things such as doors from companies such as the Online Door Store, the opportunities are endless. 

But whilst it is easy to believe we all have an inner interior designer just waiting to get out, the fact of the matter is that it is not an easy job. Being able to create a desirable environment that suits the owner’s taste within their budget is possibly not something we would be successful at. Let us take a look at the common traits of a creative interior designer, and you can see if you have them waiting to be unleashed:


This is one of the key attributes; an interior designer must really care about the environments they create or it simply will not ‘wow’ the owner of the space. They must take the time outside of their consultancy hours to keep abreast of all the newest trends and fashions too, to ensure their looks stay up to date. 


No home will ever look good if there is not some flair within it. These people are the types who set new trends because they can see where the tastes of people are heading, and they can capitalise on that. Sometimes we might not even agree to start with, but with the right blend and integration, their creations will serve to enhance whatever area they are working on. 


One of the reasons someone would employ an interior designer is because they do not know what would look good together and want to create an incredible overall image. This can take some bravery on the part of the designer, because they will have to risk upsetting the ideals of the owner or pushing new and slightly daring ideas on them in order to get the finished article.

Inter-Personal Skills

Without these, a designer would not be able to truly understand what the hiring person likes in terms of style. Our home is a very personal place, so the designer needs to really work with the owner to ensure they understand what is wanted. They will need to be able to explain it from a few words and pictures, so communication is key.

Being a creative interior designer is perhaps not as easy as it might seem in the glossy social media accounts. Make sure when you work with one, they have the above traits, and hopefully, your home will be all you ever dreamed. 

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