Tips To Help Your Older Parents Stay Independent

May 20, 2020

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Senior citizens around the country tend to live in their homes as long as possible as they get older. Their independence is extremely valuable to them, and it is crucial to know, that they will need additional assistance. All elderly people need love, care, and proper attention from their family and surroundings to keep themselves happy and to stay fit and healthy. Yet perhaps you don’t know exactly how or when to lend a hand. Moreover here are some basic things you should take care of:

1. Empathize with your parents
Often anger, moody behaviour, or needs of your parents can overwhelm you. In reality, it might be difficult to be around them for some days but you should be very polite and calm with your parents. Try to give them the company by sitting beside them and spending time with them. You should care for them with extra love.

2. Try to be involved
Communication between members of the family is also important when parents get older. They should always be involved in small things and try to give special attention to them. Parents may need a new stairlift and more assistance as they get older that you can help arrange for them.

3. Call them regularly
You should also involve them with your work. Keep talking to them, asking for their advice, this will boost up their confidence.

4. Seek out potential problems
Walk around the home with your parents and look into the setting for any possible repairs or modifications. For starters, look for uneven flooring, handrails, and lit corridors and stairs. Also, check if vital resources and contact details are available on the emergency phone directory.

5. Advocate for them
If your parent has an illness, make sure that the purpose and diagnosis are well-known to you. For starters, you should know the medications that they are taking and when to take them.

Encourage them to be active
Many elderly parents appear to be isolated by themselves when they avoid walking, get tired, or lose hearing or vision, via which they might lose their confidence. You should pay importance and keep on encouraging them to make them physically and socially engaged.

Listen to your colleagues, senior groups, and members of the church or synagogue. See how coordinated events occur which include parks, libraries, museums, local colleges, and community centres and make your parents indulge in them.

Physical activity is important for mood change, stamina, equilibrium, and strength. For starters, old parents can walk or take part in exercise programs to stay fit and healthy.

6. Help them downsize without being bossy
Sometimes it might happen that there is a situation where you need proper guidance from your elders. Try to get their opinions and do follow it.Respect their decision on situations they give suggestions to, and make sure not to offend them as they may feel low. You should always appreciate their advice and opinion as they are more experienced than you.

7. Help them create a memory book
It is common for seniors to have short-term memory issues. Arrange some scrapbook, full of pictures and names of their lives, locations, and animals so that they can revive their memorable time. You can also work together on the scrapbook.

Ageing is life’s reality and affects every family. As an adult, we can’t completely understand how age impacts our parents or how it impacts us. Indeed we may not notice any drastic changes or worries if they are already older and still in good health. As parents get matured and live their final years of life, therefore their wellness is our greatest hope. Elderly treatment includes the social, physical, and mental well-being of a family member. However, we should always love them and care for them and make their life very happy.

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