Plan The Perfect Girl’s Trip To These Five Cities

May 28, 2020

It is that time to plan the perfect girl’s trip, especially if it is been a while since all of you have seen each other. Girl’s trips are the perfect combination catching up with your girlfriends and getting away from it all. Now, do not get us wrong, we love the kids, the family, the dog, the job, all of it — but everyone deserves a break! Speaking of taking a break, do not forget your on-the-go CBD products! So you and your girls can make the most out of your chill time, spa time, and bonding time. Here are five cities that will welcome your girl’s trip and make it an unforgettable experience! 

Miami, FL

Why not start with one of the more obvious choices? Miami is the perfect destination to let your hair hang while you sip on an infamous Wet Willie’s drink on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This city has the reputation of being pretty wild, but it is possible to kick back and have a more relaxing time with your girlfriends here as well. Miami really has some of the finest spas in the country and they are all lined up and down the coast, so you will have no problem finding the perfect massage and facial combo! Now on the other hand, if you ladies are trying to get a little wild, Miami has some of the best nightclubs in the country. You will want to check out Liv on Sundays, The Basement, and Nikki Beach. There is really no end to the party in Miami — oh, and they do not start until 2AM, so plan accordingly!

Palm Springs, CA

Picture this: you and your girls rent a nice Airbnb with a pool in Palm Springs. You definitely need a pool, because temperatures reach well over a hundred in the hotter months. You all pitch in and hire a private chef to come to cook while you all lounge by the pool and work on your tan lines! Okay, so not all of us can afford a private chef, but you can always order takeout. Palm Springs is a great place to reconnect with friends and enjoy some of the nightlife as well. If you all want to get out and experience what the city has to offer, they have great hiking trail, biking trails, and horseback riding venues. 

Las Vegas, NV

There has to be a reason that Vegas reigns supreme as far as girl’s trips are concerned. Come on, how many bachelor and bachelorette parties transpire in Sin City? Yeah, we know, who can keep track! If you want to plan a trip to Vegas with your friends, you should check out some of the hotels that offer 2 and 3 bedroom suites and really live it up. Vegas is nice, because you actually do not have to spend a ton of money to have fun here. Las Vegas is literally lined with slot machines and poker tables, but those are the things that work in your favor. Have a seat at a slot machine and tell the waitress to keep the drinks coming! Las Vegas is a city that was built to cater to every need, wish, and desire. So, whether you ladies want to shop in Cesear’s Palace or walk down the strip with mile-high drinks, you can do it all!

Sedona Canyon, AZ

Have you ever seen those beautiful red canyons that seem sculpted to perfection? Those breathtaking mountains are the Sedona Canyons located in northern Arizona. The canyons are closest to Flagstaff and they have some luxurious spas, very nice restaurants, and art galleries that you all can enjoy! If you and your friends are the real outdoor types, you can really enjoy exploring the crevices of those canyons and get some really nice pictures. The best months to plan a trip here is between March and May. Other than that, the temperatures are scorching hot in the summer months, and if you have never felt the intense Arizona summer sun — you do not want to!

New Orleans, LA

Yes, that is right, the Big Easy! This is a city that seems to get overlooked as far as tourism goes, and that is why it is the perfect girl’s trip getaway! This city is riddled with rich architecture,  landmarks, and let us not forget about cajun food. New Orleans is quite popular for its nightlife as well, but it has so much more to offer with its gothic undertones. You can make sure to visit the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and other attractions while munching on some of the finest beignets! 

These are just a few ideas of places you can go and have a good time with your friends. After all, we are all going to be more than ready for a vacation after all of this time quarantined. Make sure you and your friends come together and agree on the destination, so everyone can really immerse themselves in the good time and great memories you will be making!

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