Style, Is A Complex Personal Journey Only You Can Take

May 28, 2020

Fashion is not style and you should never mix up the two. So what is the difference? Fashion in the world of the late great Oscar Wilde is ‘…so ugly that we have to change it with every season’. In other words, fashion is quite rotational, it goes in and out, like the tide of the oceans. So what is style? This is something that is deeply personal. It is the ‘mark of a man/lady’, it is a philosophy of mind, and how you approach the world. Extremely rare to see these days, are people who know the difference and really take the time to invest in the history of various styles before making their own. There is personality in style and then there is personal style. You can express what you like in fashion, but in style, you express who you are. Are you wondering how you can make your own style, more personal?

An Honest Wardrobe Clear Out

The first step to real progress is to have an honest look at your wardrobe and clear any and all items that you genuinely do not like. This is going to be a difficult task, because you are going to confront some things about yourself you will not like. You will have to admit you bought items that do not fit your personality, but you wanted to fit in, so you got it anyway. You should sit down on your bed, looking at your wardrobe and then, slowly begin piling items you do not feel speak to you into a bag. This can go to charity, so you are not wasting clothes.

Next, you need to make a list of the types of items you gave away and why. Maybe you do not really like long-sleeve t-shirts, but you do like sweaters. Maybe you do not feel cardigans suit your figure, but capes and baggy casual shirts do. This is something that you need to take your time in deciding, as this will be your blueprint for what items you will refill your wardrobe with.

Let Us Start With Tops

Perhaps the most difficult subject to agree upon is stylish tops. What is the criteria for stylish tops that you would be comfortable wearing? Is it the color, the design, or how they fit? Let us take a look at some of the stances on this subject.

  • Introvert/modest: If you want to draw attention to the way you look, but you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, tops like blazers and turtlenecks are highly recommended. They cover most of your upper body, do not really accentuate your figure, but they are quite stylish. They also say something about you as many entrepreneurs and business people wear this type of clothing.
  • Outward/boastful: The obvious style of tops that are quite outgoing are crop tops, as they show a little bit of your arms and midriff. This style can be strapless or have a singular strap to leave one side bare. It also compliments your bosom which is something you may want if you are confident in your body.
  • Classic: If you want a bit of both, the class midi dress option is very suitable for those that want to show a bit of skin, but like to remain subtle. Dresses have always been a fantastic option for those that want to express their femininity but do so in a calm, reserved manner. 

Style That Is Deeply Personal

Style is complex, there is no easy way to solve your puzzle. But, one of the most popular ways to express who you are is by honoring someone who made an impact on your life. Very often this is a family or friend who has passed away and you would like a way of fitting them into your daily lifestyle. On you will find some of the best cremation jewelry online. This is when the ashes of your loved one are incorporated into the metal or into a precious stone. You can also have compartment jewelry which have cavities built into the design, where you can carry a small urn of their ashes. There are so many styles to choose from. A heart with wings is quite popular but so are pendants as they are a traditional symbol of long-lasting memories. 

The teddy bear necklace would be great to remember someone who was very young when they passed away. If you have lost a loved one who was religious, a cross necklace that has their ashes weaved into the metal, is a great way to remember them. This type of jewelry is deeply personal. No one will be any the wiser, looking at your necklace as there’s no way of telling that the ashes are melted into the precious stones or metal. 

Where Lifestyle Meets Style

Let us talk about shoes. Footwear is not as personal a style area as it once was, sadly. Many women believe they need to show off their feet in order to look feminie or dainty. This is simply not the case as again, we are talking about style not fashion. Have you ever asked yourself, ‘do I wear shoes for my lifestyle or my style?’. This is something many of us need to ponder before choosing what we put on our feet.

If you are busy during the day and you do not mind about your feet looking a certain way, flat shoes are a great choice. Simple, timeless, and they go with just about any outfit. Jeans, dresses, miniskirts, they are all welcome. 

If you would like something a bit more sporty and you do not mind drawing attention to your feet, classic white sneakers in the Converse or Vans styles are perfect. These are flatter than most casual sneakers, but they offer you plenty of urban style points. 

Maybe you just want to show off, maybe you are boastful and do not care who knows it. The tried and tested black strap heels would be more to your liking? The straps wrap around your feet and ankles, drawing attention to the bottom of your outfit first. 

Style is so personal, yet so many of us overlook our own feelings, just to fit in. Stop following fashion trends and look inside yourself to find what you really like!

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