The Rare But Beautiful, Country Style Interior

May 28, 2020

Living in the country, you will find that many people see their homes differently. They do not want to be shut off from the outside, they want a harmonious mix of nature and modern human living. You can sense there is something different in their design philosophy. Rather than try to make artificial additions to the countryside in their home, they will constantly move with the seasons. There is simply no denying this fact, many people do not know what the country living style actually is. It is not just more warm tones, more wood, and more plants in the home, because we see that in urban living. It is a generous flow of nature, wildlife, and comfort.

The Tudor Classic

Three main cultures have the best country living homes in the world. The UK, America, and France. They come from a countryside culture and that means, they have an innate understanding of what things would make a country home comfortable yet rustic. The Tudor style is one of the oldest, seeing as it harks back to the 1500-1600s. Dark oak chairs for your dining room would be brilliant. Incorporating black cross-frame windows is very iconic and seen all around the county of Warwickshire. You will also find that having a bare wooden countertop for the kitchen is the way to go. This strikes a farmhouse style, but the wood should be varnished, again, into a deep brown hue. This is a forest style of interior design, which is so easy to introduce.

A Rural Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most difficult places to implement the rural, country interior style. Not because of the physical act of doing so is tough, but because our mentality has to change. Speaking with Fletcher Rhodes Interior Design Service, you will get a feel for what you should aim for. They have an incredible bespoke service, giving clients the inside knowledge of what a modern country living home should look and feel like. They offer custom furniture design, so you can have a chair you feel is just as comfortable as your bed; perfect for reading nooks. They will also take you on a tour of their clients, so you can choose accessories and materials, from their list of industry experts. The floor plan is very important too. The country living home has to have an abundance of natural light and getting it into the home is the first challenge.

A Bold But Classy Touch

Whoever said the country style could not be bold? A tree stump coffee table is just what your living room needs. A thick, dense but not at all heavy, piece of a smooth tree goes well with any country home. It is a slice of the outdoors brought into your home and made practical. Wooden coasters for your table would be a brilliant touch. However, they can be decorated with natural vegetation to add a little brightness to the wood.

It is difficult to get the country interior style right, because it is so rare in modern homes. But once you understand the concept and perhaps guided through it by professionals, you can make your home the best in the neighbourhood. 

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