A Guide To Building A Moving Company The Smarter Way

May 27, 2020

So, you have just finished setting up your moving company? You have put in a lot of money and effort into bringing your firm to life. But as a newbie to this business, getting orders and being recognized may seem to be a challenge, just by having a look at the sheer volume of moving companies in your region.

To help you out, we have formulated a list of valuable points that will help you get ahead of competition just in no time. Though some of these may require pouring in a little more money, but it is totally going to be worth the extra dime!

Get Yourself A Website

One of the most utmost things to consider while setting up any business is to keep in mind the current trend. In this digital age, people are first going to check if your company has a website or not. In other words, your website is going to be your first impression in front of the clients.

So, invest on a good website. Design a clean and clutter free home page that tells your viewers what you exactly are. Keep the seven-second rule in mind. People are most likely going to leave your website and not return if they do not find what they are looking for in the first seven seconds.

Make sure the website is well-structured and intuitive to use. Your ‘About Us’, contact information, and address sections should be detailed and clearly visible. Also, provide a space for your customer to fill in their details and queries, and a space for them to request a quote from you. Read here to learn more about how to design your perfect website.

Make sure your website is mobile view compatible as most people tend to research on their smartphones. Try to implement your website in the form of mobile applications. This will further enhance your chances of reaching out to more people. Make sure the application is available on all smartphone platforms.

Be Out There: Go Social

People are not going to stumble upon your website on their own. A new website takes a lot of time to come on top of the Google search results. Most likely, your website would be lost in a ‘sandbox’ for at least half a year. Getting out of it can be really hard, thanks to Google’s ever-changing algorithms to rank sites.

One way to bring customers to your website is via social media. Use these platforms generously to make your presence in the market felt. Keep updating your services, customer feedback, and pictures on your social media pages.

You may even invest on Facebook and Instagram to promote your service and website. This is one way to ensure that you are promoting your services to a larger audience.

Moving Leads

Many firms invest a lot of time and money on moving leads. Having a website and being active on social media platforms may not always land you with orders. There are plenty of lead providers out there who are specialized in moving leads. 

Experts at MoversBoost.com will guide you through the entire process of setting up a great moving company, and also with moving leads with an SEO approach to give you a competitive advantage over others.

Invest on companies that provide leads and approach Search Engine Optimization using technical methods. Even after receiving the leads, make sure you turn them into a guaranteed order. If the lead comes with a phone number, call your customer up and try to close the deal with a phone call.

Otherwise, be sure to promptly send customized emails and text messages to let them know of your presence. Communicate with your leads even during weekends. Provide estimates via emails and through your website or an on-site estimate would be even better.

Research Your Region

An important activity, which most businesses do not carry out successfully, is researching the market. You might be an excellent mover, but if you set your business in a small town where people do not need your services, you are likely in for a loss.

Carry out extensive surveys in the regions you want to provide services. Know more about the already established competition. Learn about the moving needs of people. For example, if a city has a newly developed area, people and establishments will definitely move in. Or, you can even consider an industrial area, where logistics plays an important role.

These are some of the key areas you can consider as customer zones. You need to identify your customer zone. You should even consider walking the extra mile and expanding your service zone beyond what you already have, for a customer. Here are some tips to start and run your moving company smoothly.

It is also important to make an effort to retain your customers. The best way is to provide the best customer service. There are so many movers out there, some of them providing with good service, and others providing with horrible one. Your aim is to be better than your competition.

Ask For Referrals

One way of spreading news about your firm is through your customers. Take valuable feedback from your customers. Any form of criticism will help you improve yourself. And when you receive a thumbs up from your client, make it a priority to publish it on your website.

Having customer feedback on your website can help future customers decide whether or not to work with you. And on your lucky day when a big-deal client stumbles upon your website, a good review will work as a deal-maker. You can even ask your customers to refer you to their friends who are in need of a moving service.

In Conclusion

It would be interesting to note that these tips are not only limited to moving services, but to any kind of business. These tips are curated keeping in mind the current trends in the market demand. What you need to takeaway from this article is the realization that the days of yellow pages are long gone.

We are living in an era where one’s digital presence creates a huge impact on customers. If you manage to set up a great website, have SEO optimized content in place, have a good social media presence, invest in valuable moving leads, and follow the best practices as a moving company, you are sure to top the charts in no time.

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