The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Plus Size Summer Fashion

May 1, 2020

There is no such thing as a “Summer body.” No matter your shape or size, you have a body. Period. It is just as deserving of enjoying Summer as much as Winter, and with the same amount of comfort and pride as anyone else. This line of thought may spark the question; then what is a curvy girl to do and wear during the hot Summer months? Surely you are not suggesting a pair of hot pants…

This is fair enough. Not everyone feels comfortable flaunting their bits, whether you are on the curvy side or not. Herein lies the problem with summer fashion that caters to the masses. Plus-sized girls do not always feel seen or catered to by Summer fashion lines, as the cuts are often made for smaller sizes and then a larger number is just slapped on the tag.

Let us be honest — there are certain styles of clothing that flatter some body shapes over others, regardless of the actual size on the tag. It is all about finding a style that compliments you and you feel confident in. We all have our personal preferences. Thankfully, times are changing where more forward thinking brands are designing summer styles geared toward all shapes and sizes. Read on for our curvy girl’s guide to plus-size Summer fashion!


When choosing Summer tops by Vibe Clothing Company, the key is to find styles which are compatible with your staple Summer bottoms so you can maximize your figure.

If you are a high-waisted blousy pants kind of girl, look for tops which are slightly cropped so they can fit neatly into the pants. Relaxed-fit tops are great as they can be pulled down for a close fit or pulled out slightly for that blousy fit over the pant’s waistline. In terms of fabric choice, cotton, linen and bamboo will keep you cool in Summer but are layerable in Winter so you can maximise your wardrobe all year round.

If you are a mid-rise, bias cut, silky Summer skirt kind of girl, try tops which are long enough to seamlessly overlap the waistband of the skirt for a streamlined effect. If you have a gloriously full bust, relaxed-fit tops with a gentle V-neck will be stunning on you. The V-neck will frame your face, show your pretty decolletage and will fall naturally over the body without simply hanging from the bust creating bulk.

A layered tunic top is a perfect example, with a layered design for extra coverage without adding extra bulk. An asymmetrical hem like this is great, because it covers the hips but doesn’t extend too far at the front, maximizing the length of the legs. The relaxed, breezy fit is ideal for Summer as it allows the skin to breathe and remain dry.


Plus-size dresses do not equal oversized, frumpy, and shapeless bags to pull over your body. Being plus-sized simply means the number on the tag is higher than other sizes, it does not mean you should be covered from neck to toe. This collection of plus size fashion is a great example of styles which actually celebrate a curvy body, and not cover it up!

When it comes to Summer dresses, look for draped styles, which are on the looser side, simply for comfort and breeziness during those hot days and nights. Avoid high necklines as they can simply fall from the bust into a shapeless silhouette. Instead, go for round or V-necklines to show that stunning decolletage.

Sleeves or sleeveless? Either! A sleeveless wrap dress with a fit-and-flare style which cinches the waist and flows over the hips is always handy.

Look for sleeves which fall to just above or just below the elbow as short or capped sleeves tend to be a little snug around the arms and underarm. Batwing sleeves, flared sleeves and bell sleeves are perfect for cool Summer wear. A cotton batwing dress is a flattering Spring/Summer staple, which gives room around the torso but tapers at the hem to accentuate a curvy silhouette.

A draped dress can be belted to cinch the waist and boast your curves, or left loose over swimsuits for sun protection.

Soft V-neck, loose sleeved maxi style plus size dresses which taper ever-so-slightly at the ankle, make a great flattering look. Coupled with a bright, floral pattern, and you will ooze Summer sunshine.

On a final note for curvy summer dresses, the saving grace for all women, regardless of size, is the humble Kaftan. They are perfect for hot summer days at the beach to throw over a pair of bathers, or they can be dressed up for warm balmy nights out at a family BBQ.


All hail the jumpsuit!

A well-cut jumpsuit, which fits the body just right can give you the very best-looking butt of your life, hug the curves in all the right places, and serve serious 1970’s style. What is more, it’s a one-and-done style you can throw on and go.

If you have trouble finding pants with a waistband, which does not cut in or create extra bulk around the tummy, a jumpsuit can completely solve that obstacle. You still get that wide-leg aesthetic, but the waist is seamless. Sleeveless jumpsuits can be customized with a tee underneath for extra sun protection and coverage.


Curvy gals know the woes of choosing Summertime bottoms. Shorts? No thanks, not in the mood for fabric riding up between my thighs. Skirts? Chaffing is not really my thing. Jeans? It is Summer! The answer? Relaxed. Linen. Pants.

A pair of linen wide leg pants are a Summer staple for curvy girls. They have a stretchy elastic waist for unrestricted comfort, relaxed wide legs, and a ⅞ length to show off your heels, wedges or sandals. They are compatible with so many top choices from a fitted tee to an oversized button-up shirt.

Wide-leg linen pants can float between casual and “going out”, which means more cost per wear and easier outfit selections at crunch time (aka the time when you should be rushing out the door but you still cannot decide what to wear).


Regardless of your size or shape, swimwear is all about feeling supported and comfortable. The number one rule: if you have a larger bust, support and security is key, as you want to frolic and swim without worrying about a “slip-up”.

If swimwear is a little out of your comfort zone, a great way to approach it is to focus on the features you love. Do you love your thighs, but are not a tummy-revealing kinda gal? Go for a killer one-piece with ruching across the stomach such as the a Janie Ruffle Sleeve One Piece. The deep zipper at the front allows you to customize your cleavage.

If you like to keep your arms, shoulders, and back protected from the sun (smart!), try a long-sleeved one-piece. You get super sexiness with extra coverage and a customizable neckline. Genius.

Dress To impress… Yourself!

Curvy girl Summer style guidelines are really the same as anyone’s, it is about what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

When choosing new Summer threads for your killer curvy body, look for styles which celebrate and flatter your figure, not shroud it. V-neck tops, wrap-style dresses and wide-leg pants are all styles, which show you off without clinging to you or hugging where you would rather not be hugged.

BIO: This guide is brought to you by Blue Bungalow where our relaxed, effortless, and free-flowing style oozes with color and vibrancy to keep the spirit of summer alive all year round. We love to represent, and accomodate for, the real modern woman in all her beautiful dimensions.

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