The Dos And Do Nots Of Sauna

June 9, 2020

Saunas offer a lot of health benefits to people of all ages.In fact there are many kinds of saunas including infrared sauna blankets from MiHigh that are much in demand. Before you find out why full spectrum infrared saunas are so hot right now, it is better to understand a few dos and do nots you need to follow, especially if you are entering a sauna for the first time. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:


  • Carry a towel with you

You should always carry a towel with you if you are entering a sauna. Even if it is a nude sauna you will need a towel to sit on. In fact you can enjoy an ultimate experience by wearing only a towel in a sauna. Not only does it protect your privacy, it will keep your sweat away from the bench, thus stopping the spreading of bacteria. Choose a comfortable cotton towel that can absorb your sweat fully.

  • Take a shower

Shower is one thing you need to take both before and after using a sauna. This will keep your skin fresh and clean so that you can tap into the heat readily. Most high-end saunas make sure you enter the shower before and after walking out of the sauna.

  • Drink plenty of water

Sauna is going to take away a lot of water from your body. So, it is important that you drink lots of water both before and after the sauna to keep your body hydrated. This way your sweat will not get evaporated by the hot temperature. Even if you lose some fluid, your body will cool down. If you do not drink enough water you can get dehydrated pretty fast with your body sweating continuously.

  • Pick a seat carefully and close the door

Choosing your seat wisely is very important when you enter a sauna. The top benches tend to get really hot as the heat rises. If you want to stay comfortable, it would be better to stick to a seat that is closer to the floor. Also make sure you close the door once you enter the sauna. If not you will end up sending all the heat out.

Do Nots

  • Do not wear a swimsuit

Wearing a swimsuit to a sauna might seem very natural to you; but it is not at all suitable for sauna. Swimsuits are usually made of materials that ca not trap the moisture and heat. So, if you wear it to the sauna you will only end up getting its dyes running into your pores.

  • Do not wear metal jewelry

If it is your first time in a sauna, it is going to get really hot. So, if you have any metal jewelry on you, it is better to take it all off. You do not want it to hold in the heat and burn you badly.

  • Do not try to interact or socialize

It might be tempting to start some small talk with someone who might be sharing the sauna with you. But it is better to keep quiet, especially if they involved in some routine or doing any stretches. Let them do their thing. They would want to be left alone in this kind of environment.

It might be awkward to share a sauna with others, especially if it is your first time. If it is a nude sauna, things might get even more uncomfortable. But it is important that you get comfortable as soon as possible. Focus on yourself rather than staring at others. Hopefully, others will abide by this too.

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