How To Stay Fit While Traveling

June 9, 2020

Although we tend to correlate vacation with “relaxing,” that does not mean you have to stop your exercise once you arrive. It is good to continue being active during your trip, no matter where you are. There are simple ways to fit in activities, not to feel so guilty. This could also be an opportunity to try new alternatives and find what fits you best! If you do not want to disregard fitness while you are traveling, here are some ideas for you.

Walking Or Running

Before starting your day, try and get up a little earlier to walk or run. Doing this will increase the circulation of blood, which will help you get through the day. Getting this done in the morning will let you relax and let loose during your vacation. Plus, you can explore and see different parts of where you are staying that you may not have before. Walkthrough downtown and seek out some restaurants you may want to eat at later, scope out some Banff homes for sale, or take a jog along the cool breeze beach before it gets crowded with people.

Eating Healthy

Do not get me wrong — vacation and traveling sometimes is the best time to indulge in some new or exotic delicious food. Throughout the day, though, try to eat a balanced meal and incorporate some fruits and vegetables. If you know that you are going to eat a firestone pizza and ice cream for dinner, shoot for a salad for lunch or eggs for breakfast. If you like snacking (who does not?), try packing an apple or some other healthy alternative foods.

Opt For Stairs 

This simple decision is a small way to get your heart racing a bit more. When you arrive at the Hotel, Empire State building, or wherever you go, opt for stairs! Leave the escalator or elevator behind and burn some of those extra calories by climbing the steps. Sometimes it is quicker anyway because there can be such a long line for the elevator!

Keep Hydrated

If you are out and about during your travel, sometimes drinking water can slip our mind. Staying hydrated is a fundamental necessity for our health and an easy thing to accomplish. Keep a water bottle with you in your backpack or next to you, laying out at the beach.

Plan For Activities Every Day

You may be standing in a museum, lying in the sun, or sitting on a bus for hours, so try to plan a small snippet of your day where you are a bit more agile. When you do these activities throughout the day, you will feel much more accomplished and are more likely to get a good night’s sleep.


While traveling or on vacation, it is easy to slip out of a working out or healthy lifestyle routine. If you want to avoid this, follow some of these tips, and you will indeed feel better about your fitness and general well-being!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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