Best Subscription Box Ideas We Absolutely Love

June 19, 2020

While many people still love to go shopping, the way people get the things they want and need has shifted. They could shop online and get the exact thing they want, but many people instead decide to sign up for a subscription box.

The subscription box industry is growing rapidly and there are a ton of different boxes to try out. These range from self-care boxes, boxes focused on food, video game-related boxes and just about everything in between. Not only are these boxes fun to open, but thanks to providers like Deepking, the packaging can be customized and incredibly polished.

With so many options out there, which subscription boxes are a good idea to try? This article is going to take a closer look at some of the best subscription box ideas that we love.




If you are anything like most people, you go experience a lot of stress from time to time. One of the best ways to relax, unwind, and take time for yourself is the Therabox. The Therabox is a self-care box that will arrive on your doorstep every month. It includes a wellness activity and 6-8 wellness and self-care items.

These can range from drinks to self-help books, to skincare products and a variety of others. They are all designed to bring you more happiness and calmness into your potentially busy life. It is curated by therapists and there are always new products and ideas being added into the boxes.

Try the World

If you are a foodie or love to travel the world, this is the box for you. Try the World is all about getting delicious foods from all over the planet, shipped right to you every month. They offer both a snack option and a country option, so you can always get the type of food you are most interested in. 

You can expect to get nearly 10 drinks, food items, and ingredients, as well as tips and recipes with the country’s plan. All items are sourced from the country in which they originate, and everything is authentic. If you want to learn about and experience foods from all over the world, this box is an incredible introduction.

Style Plan



Shopping for clothes is something that most of us simply don’t have time for you. Well, with the Style Plan from Frank and Oak, you can shop without leaving your home. With this plan, a box of items will arrive to you every month, without the fuss of shopping.

Don’t worry, before you are ever shipped a box, you will be able to provide information like your size and style. After this, an expert will hand-select clothes they believe will fit your style and send them over. Also, don’t feel pressure to keep anything, as you will only pay for what you keep and it is even possible to skip a month. There is also the option to personalize your box if you’d like, as well.

In conclusion, these are some of the best subscription box options on the market today.

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