Smart business success insights and lessons to take from Boris Wolfman during COVID-19

June 19, 2020

COVID-19 is the harsh but most visible reality of 2020! Businesses and organizations have witnessed ample losses because of this global pandemic. After a prolonged period of lockdown and stay-at-home orders, now many business houses and organizations are re-opening their offices. That means it’s time to resume business functions and come up with smart and unique business success strategies and insights. It is essential for brands to consider branding and business promotion ideas that will help them sustain through the pandemic phase. Here are a few business success insights that will prove useful.

  1. Make the best use of technology like Boris Wolfman

Aspiring and progressive-minded entrepreneurs take inspiration from Boris Wolfman to enhance their business planning and expansion strategies. He is a man who has channeled his business prowess into many directions and industry verticals. Through his business success, Boris Wolfman shows that entrepreneurs can make the best use of technology to take their business venture ahead. He had leveraged Israeli technology and is now sharing its benefits with the world at large. Furthermore, his company takes an interest in mineral water to Canola oil supplies.

Taking inspiration for this, entrepreneurs need to use online and mobile technology to their advantage. Since you will have limited employees working with you now, use online tools to facilitate work-from-home. That way, you can have most people in your team working and contributing to better productivity. You can download secure online meeting tools and apps to conduct group and team meetings.

  1. Get social on social media

It is yet another technology that entrepreneurs need to leverage during the COVID-19 phase for business promotion. Social media is all-pervasive and has an increased reach. Your customers are always on social media, waiting to read your interesting posts and communicate with you. Hence, you need to up your content creation strategy and post relevant, informative content that addresses customer pain points. Once your customers start to get engaged with your post, they are most likely to make an online purchase. It will help you to improve your sales and return to stable operation after the lockdown hiatus.

  1. Invest in corporate governance

The pandemic will take time to heal completely. But till such time, the curve flattens businesses need to invest in corporate governance initiatives wherever possible, without hurting their marketing and business development budgets. For instance, your company can contribute to a clinical trial firm to help in the vaccine clinical trials. Alternatively, if you can provide your employees with free sanitizers and face masks. Here you can join hands with a small business firm that supplies face masks and promote their product. Such cross-promotional business strategies will prove helpful as of now.

  1. Be authentic

In all the business initiatives that you implement, make sure to use your authentic voice. It will let your customers and business partners know that you are into transparent business practices. That way, you can draw in expert investors and start a new product or service line in a small way.

The path to business success is all about executing business continuity strategies despite all odds. Entrepreneurs should train themselves to find a solution to most business challenges to succeed in the long-run.




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