September 25, 2020

Well, once I began getting hired to publish massive orders of cloth, I adopted that as my everyday motto.

After, a designer asked me 6 meters of the cloth in a custom color.

It had been to throw pillows, and I’d just been block printing onto a bolt of skinny white linen I’d saved in my studio..because bolts of cloth are pricey, and I’d finally found one that I liked.

I printed on that I did not even think twice.

It was that she had a heftier cloth. She explained that she’d only have it knit-backed once I sent it.

That is a fantastic idea!” . . .then immediately got off the telephone and Googled” jaipur block print fabric online“.

After that experience I understood they make different cloth weights for a reason (okay, fine, I understood, I was being lazy!), and that I should probably make more of the attempt in this region.

Through different projects over the last couple of decades, I have used my printing procedure on distinct kinds, weights, and colors of fabrics. . .and I have seen a good deal of what works and what does not. Investing in a quality garment print can help make these dreams come true.

People always ask me what materials are best, in this post I will be talking all about cloth choice to your block printing jobs. . .whether it is a little bag, or even a giant upholstery undertaking!

Selecting the most appropriate fabrics for your endeavors can actually really make a difference at the final result of your own prints. If you would like to be certain that your designs see their entire potential from the printing phase, be certain that you listen!

When Choosing materials for block printing, then You Will Need to consider:

  • The end usage of your cloth
  • How closely it is woven
  • How path is the cloth?
  • How lasting does it have to be?

As you can see in the picture below, the exact same block print in precisely the exact same color on various cloths can drastically impact your result.

One other important issue is to realize the distinction between natural and artificial fibers, and also what particular fabrics to prevent.

I just print on organic clothes for my endeavors, but that is just my taste. My best choices are Cotton/Linen mixes. Silk can also be fine (in case you fancy).

Generally, I keep away from anything in it as it’s overly vague. Fuzzy clothes are dreadful for printing. They gunk your ink and produce your layout difficult to see.

Synthetic fabrics are normally made from some sort of plastic or compounds. I believe I would avoid anything entirely artificial. But. . .they also make cloth”blends” using a mixture of organic and artificial, which helps artificial fibers function far better.

Some Cotton/Polyester blends aren’t poor and feel very tender. I have made scarves from such stretchy knit fabrics and had amazingly good results. (Much like t-shirt cloth ).

When creating your own prints, then you also must take into account the final result of your own fabric.

What will the cloth be used for? How can it wear?

If you are recovering a seat you do not need a knit fabric that can stretch out and tear. Likewise, if you are creating a scarf, then you would not opt for upholstery fabric.

If you are placing a white printed cloth on a seat in a high traffic area, you’re requesting stains and dirt, so if you will need a darker, busier printing. Leave the lighter colors to your washable pillowcases, or even the chambers with less traffic.

You will want to create a tablecloth from something you may wash easily, and also hang a curtain or drape using a woven, not Bhagat fabric (that ideally will not be overly vulnerable to sun evaporating ).


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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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