Essentials To Pack For Any Picnic

June 26, 2020

From casual lunches with friends and colleagues to a long day out for a family reunion, picnics offer an easygoing environment to catch up and entertain all kinds of company. While picnics are taking your party on the road, there are some things that make them tricky. You will not be able to dash into your kitchen to get the corkscrew to open a bottle or the knife for cutting that wedge of cheese.

But if you are well organized and have a checklist, you will have the best time with your family and friends. Here are the things that you need to pack for a perfect picnic.

Packing Your Picnic Basket Or Backpack

When going on a picnic, you need something to transport the food, the drinks, and the place settings. If your picnic food is not perishable and you will be taking your car close to the picnic location, a traditional picnic hamper will be great.

If you are planning to hike deep into the woods, a backpack style picnic carrier will be charming. This is because you can carry lots of things inside a backpack. You can place your smartphone and a set of portable batteries inside it. As you will have enough power to last for a day with batteries, you can use your smartphone for online gaming, to listen to music and do many more things. Also, casino fanatics can use their mobile device to play their favorite online casino games at and other gambling sites during the trip.

Food Safety

You do want risk a funny tummy if you plan and pack carefully. Cold boxes and ice packs are essential to ensure that the items normally stored in the fridge stay as cool as possible. Likewise, if you are carrying hot food to your picnic, you can use a thermos to keep it at a safe temperature. Finally, carry some hand wipes or anti-bacterial gel, and make sure that everyone’s hands are clean before they start eating.

Kitchen Towel

While you can easily use and dispose of napkins and paper towels, a sturdy kitchen towel offers more versatility. Towels can be used to protect food, provide extra protection when wrapped around bottles, and can do a better job of sopping up spills. Also, kitchen towels can be used to wrap snacks, creating an easy to use lunch sack that is easy to fold when finished.

First Aid Supplies

Whether you’re planning to hike in the woods or you just want to spend a day at the local park, a first aid kit is a must. Basic things like bandages, aspirin, and hydrocortisone creams can help in avoiding an uncomfortable day.

Something To Do

While the major focus of picnics is on food, half the fun is enjoying the outdoors. Frisbees, kites and balls are some of the common picnic toys, but you do not have to stick to them just because they are traditional. You can spend time reading or drawing for a leisurely and relaxing experience. 

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