June 20, 2021

A mind is a crazy place, and it takes immense talent and hard work to recreate ideas into something the world can imagine the same way. The job of a fashion illustrator is to do the same in the world of fashion.


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Fashion is an ever-growing industry that has seen all colours, patterns, and designs yet leaves more scope. Fashion illustrators bring into life their ideas and imaginations with their skills in drawing and illustrating. Thus, they go through vigorous training practices that help them understand how they need to put their work out for the audience to understand and appreciate it.

Fashion illustration is not merely just drawing fashionable clothes. Illustrators are taught various other background subjects to place their illustrations in. For example, it could be time-related by making the setting and the clothes vintage or modern, urban or rural, revealing or modest, and looking into the grey areas of each of these topics to find the most appropriate placement. These are then drawn manually on paper or using advanced computer apps that help them recreate their ideas much easier. specialise

After these, the apps provide different textures, colours, styles they could involve in magnifying their illustration down to the smallest detail. These apps could help in the intricate and delicate illustration where each part of the illustration is of major value. A fashion illustrator usually ideates the process, but this can also be carried out using many other members of a team who can specialize in graphic designing that can help their vision come to life.

Of course, the issue here becomes the unavailability of creative freedom. It is also a very tedious and compromising process where one must agree or disagree with the other for various illustration parts. This can be professionally solved by choosing designers who actively produce content in agreement with the illustrator’s wishes, and they both compromise with no discomfort. This is why most illustrators are skilled with different software to help them ideate a project by themselves with satisfaction.


Qualifications required:

Illustration requires one to know stitching patterns, dressing styles, and the hems and the holds. In short, the illustrator has to be educated about the fashion dialect to explain their projects or understand reviews from clients. This usually gives them an upper hand since it makes the process easier to understand and allows precise adjustments. This can be achieved by attending fashion schools or being involved in the industry. Many people are springing up to the top of the chart by self-educating themselves on the topic through common forums and social media.

There are several degrees and diploma courses that last just a year or two that are enough to educate one appropriately for the job of an illustrator.

It also gives them an edge over the others since they have professionally taken courses that help them understand the technical terms and the industry. Many of them also go through hands-on learning to understand how different clothes drape differently and feel different. All these assure a client that they can trust the illustrator and that the illustrator will perform to their best abilities. It is also a very well paying job and can bring significant returns on investments since it is a very niche field. Many entitled and reputed companies allow many illustrators to provide great exposure and insight into the industry, at least as interns, if not employees.

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