Common Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

July 27, 2022

If you are in the process of buying a house then there may be a load of questions going around in your head. It may be a good idea to write these questions down so you do not have to remember them when the time comes to look around different houses. Do not just look at one and then settle, keep your options open. Here are some common questions that you might want to think about asking at house viewings:

Why Are You Selling?

Find out why the sellers are selling. This may seem like an intrusive and nosey question but they are probably used to being asked. Do not be afraid to ask this as there may be a genuine reason as to why they are selling the house. It may be due to work relocation or needing to upsize or even downsize. 

What Are The Neighbors Like?

Ask this question and see how they respond. You will be able to tell how the neighbors are from their responses. You could also knock at the neighbor’s property and ask them the same question. If the sellers are honest then they will either say ‘they are lovely’ or ‘they can be a bit of a nightmare’. The latter reason might be the one that means they want to sell and move elsewhere. 

Is It Safe?

Ask the sellers if the neighborhood is safe, you can of course search this information online but it is always better to ask someone who lives there. It may be absolutely fine during the day, but turn dangerous at night. You don’t want this, but the sellers will tell you how it is. You could also say, ‘I’ve researched online and the crime rate is high. What do you think of the area?’ That way they know you have done your research so there is no need to lie to you. 

Are There Local Schools?

If you have children then you will want to know more about local schools. Are they near the house, what are they like? You can ask the sellers this question and they will give you an honest opinion. If you like the house and want to buy it then you could also find information regarding nearby schools online. 

Where Is The Septic Tank?

This is something you will need to know if you end up buying the home. Not every home has one, so first, find out if it has one. If it does then you will need to pay to have septic tank pumping done every few years. The sellers will not only be able to tell you where it is located but the last time it was emptied as well. 

Are You Willing To Come Down In Price?

This is a cheeky question to ask, but if you do not ask, you do not get it. If the sellers want to get rid of the house in a timely manner then they may consider coming down in price. Quite often homes are listed at a higher price to make room for some adjustments. 

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