How Useful Are Baby Video Monitors?

July 27, 2022

A baby monitor can be a great way to keep track of your child’s health and comfort from another room, and some can even serve as a way to soothe them without needing to step away from what you are currently doing. Of course, many people overlook the versatility offered by video monitors.

But how much can a video monitor actually help, and what makes them so worthwhile? The more you know about your potential options, the better equipped you can be to protect and comfort your baby.

Peace of mind

Even if you pay more for a video monitor, you are paying for extra peace of mind. While audio-only monitors can be a great way to hear your baby crying if something goes wrong, you do not actually have any context for what is happening, and that can be incredibly scary to a parent.

Being able to actually see the room makes it easier to check if your baby is still alright at a glance. You can see them sleeping, watch them breathing, or even catch them awake if something has woken them up when they would normally be taking a nap.

Beyond that, it can just help to have the reassurance that everything is fine. Being able to quickly check on your child and see that there is nothing wrong is always useful, especially if you are the kind of parent that constantly panics over how their baby is doing and begins to worry in the middle of the night.

Building habits

A video monitor can be a great way to build habits for both you and your child. For example, it might help you figure out if they are just crying crocodile tears – bawling so that they can get more food than they need, or because they want attention. If you can peek inside with the monitor and ignore any false alarms, you might make your child learn to not cry when they are completely fine.

This can help you build up a better routine, too. A video monitor check can become a core part of your routine and can help you remember to check on your baby before you sleep every night, even if it is just to reassure yourself that they are okay.

Emergency situations

Higher-quality baby video monitors are great for keeping your child safe, and they can be invaluable if something serious happens. A video monitor lets you immediately tell if something is happening, like your child choking or starting to show signs of being sick. The more extra features you have, the more situations the monitor can be useful in.

Make sure you look into the capabilities and advantages of each monitor before you select one. For example, you might want to learn about Hubble Connected to create a larger system of baby health monitoring tools, something that might become incredibly useful if you constantly worry about your child’s safety. 

Having extra protection is never a bad thing, and it can set your mind at ease if you’ve been struggling with getting comfortable at home. Even if you never need to use it, it’s good to have a system in place just in case.

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