Why VPN Is Important for Your Remote Work

April 20, 2021

There are several reasons why remote workers should be using a service like https://macpaw.com/clearvpn to conduct their business. What’s more, due to the varied nature of each business, what works for one company may work differently for another. There is no cookie-cutter answer. Some businesses are using the same VPN service for remote workers, but they are using it for very different reasons and in very different ways. Here is why Virtual Private Network services are important for remote workers.


Working Away From a Central Server Network


People working within the same company are often used to having a hard line to their server and their computing tools. When they have to work remotely, they have to connect to their servers through the Internet, and it causes congestion, odd CPU balancing, and so forth.


When remote workers use VPN, they may be able to avoid using the central computer altogether. Certain tasks can be outsourced, such as Cloud computing, which leaves other users free to access the central office server. VPN server access may also allow remote workers to operate simultaneously with Cloud computing tools. What’s more, thanks to the security and anonymity of VPN, remote workers may use Cloud computing services without compromising company security.


Working Securely And Away From Personal Internet Use

On even the most basic level, VPN services can be used to help a remote/home worker separate personal internet use from work internet use. The assumption is that when a worker accesses work-only sites and servers, they are less likely to come under attack. The fact they are using VPN makes attacks even less likely. Some of the attacks non-VPN users may experience include:

  • Information harvesting for brute force attacks
  • Stop Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
  • Packet sniffing attacks
  • Phishing adverts
  • Rogue Wi-Fi networks

When people are using the Internet for their own needs, they are using their own VPN (or none at all). They may be more vulnerable to attacks and snooping, but they are not (for want of a better phrase) tracking their mud into their workspace when they only use work’s VPN for work business.


Working With Security and Anonymity

Though this point is probably obvious, it needs to be mentioned for the sake of completion. When a worker conducts Internet business without VPN services, then that worker’s activity can be tracked. The worker’s identity can be tracked too.

Where this sort of personal tracking is not a massive problem for most people, even though we are all at risk from online malcontents, it is a problem when people are working on behalf of a business. Getting some random person’s account information is a little damaging but getting the worker’s business account details could be very damaging. Remote workers who use VPN are mostly anonymous, and most of what they are doing online is hidden and/or encrypted.

There are still some risks, but they are far smaller when VPN services are employed. This is especially true when compared to people who are not using VPN services.


Workers Can Transfer Data Very Securely and More Safely

Data is safer in two ways. Firstly, it is safer because it is passed along a stream and network that is being monitored and secured by the VPN service. Regular Internet is like sending your data down a national park river, and VPN use is like sending your data down a canal that has people guarding it. The second way your data is safer is because if your Internet is interrupted, the VPN service has a kill switch, which means all Internet access is blocked. This way, you know that no information has leaked. Using VPN at home is not a perfect system, but is almost always safer than using your regular Internet.

Your data can be transferred more securely because your Internet is encrypted. Your VPN app encrypts your Internet from your end and then decrypts it when the information gets to their servers. This means that any snoopers between you and the servers, such as your Internet service provider, cannot see what you are doing. Furthermore, the Internet information being sent back to you is encrypted and is decrypted by your VPN app.


VPN Can Improve Connection Times and Connection Reliability

Let’s say that you have remote workers who are working away from the office. The office is in Texas, but you have one worker in Burma, and another in Venezuela. The Internet they are using has to bounce around different unreliable servers to get to Texas. These servers may have some very nasty people monitoring them, but even if they are clean, they may not be very reliable. Internet speeds may be fine, but connection times and connection stability may be an issue.

Yet, with VPN services, the user may jump right over local servers and local connections and connect directly with a server in Texas. The VPN server in Texas then makes contact with the office in Texas, and connection times and stability improve.

Do not misunderstand, the servers in Burma are not powered by horse and cart, your Internet speeds have the potential to be just as fast in Burma and Venezuela as they are in the USA. If you have ever worked from a country with Internet issues such as these, you will have experienced times when your stream service works, but Google won’t load. Or you can access your bank accounts, but not YouTube.

When it comes to the remote workers’ example featuring the Texas office, connection times and connection stability may be an issue when you are trying to connect your desktop software with the servers in your Texas office. By communicating directly with a VPN server in Texas, you may be able to avoid connection and stability problems, which means you do not have to sit at your desk waiting ten minutes just to sign into your office network.

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