Top Ten Trendy Styles of Custom Cardboard Boxes

August 4, 2022

The packaging design describes your product as well as your brand image. It’s okay to be choosy in this regard. Rather do proper homework before choosing the packaging design. Know your product’s nature and customer demand and then choose the box style without compromising your product’s integrity. 

To make this tricky task a seamless one, get custom cardboard boxes and you will be getting the best experience.

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Why Choose Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard material is known best for its efficiency in catering to all the packaging requirements. It assists you in many ways such as:

  • Cardboard material is easy to access at suitable rates. Also, it is very cost-effective.
  • You can get these boxes fully customized due to the flexible trait of cardboard material.
  • These boxes are available in different sizes and shapes and therefore you can have the best attire for your product.
  • You can get printed boxes by using different printing techniques.
  • Cardboard boxes are highly ecological and recyclable.

Anyhow, let’s discuss what packaging styles you can get in cardboard boxes.

Tuck-End Boxes

In these boxes, both the top and bottom sides have foldable flaps. These flaps are of two types; the closures that can be in a similar or opposite direction and four tucked wings (two on each side). The closures can be assembled into the base either manually or by using a machine. These boxes can be of two types based on the direction of both sides of the closures.

  • Straight tuck end boxes (similar direction)
  • Reverse tuck end boxes (opposite direction)

This box style is one of the most common and widely used for different product packaging such as cosmetics, medicinal products, and small items.

Mailer Boxes

These boxes are much like a pizza. These boxes have foldable flaps and can be assembled manually. Therefore, no glue and tape are required for binding. Corrugated cardboard and kraft materials are generally used in the manufacturing of these boxes. They are mostly used for shipment and keep the products safe from damage.

You can either use raw kraft boxes or colorful mailer boxes. You can also print them by using different printing techniques and so you have a personalized business packaging solution. These boxes provide you with the convenience of safe and cost-effective shipping as they are lightweight.

Display Boxes

Display boxes are mostly used to enchant the audience. They provide a professional arrangement for your products without taking much effort and time. These boxes can easily raise your product’s worth therefore you can build an emotional connection with the customers. Speaking of the structure of display boxes, they can be divided into two main types:

  • Large display boxes that are generally made of single or multiple layers of corrugated fibreboard sheets such as floor displays and power wings.
  • Small display boxes are made of simple cardboard or kraft materials. They can be countertop displays and panel boxes.

Pillow Boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes have pillow shapes. They have two sides of similar closures. You can be creative while designing these boxes. Different printing techniques can be used for these boxes. You may also use high-end features such as different coatings to make these boxes exemplary.

 small jewellery items

Different printing techniques

These boxes provide a unique solution for the users to pack their items in attractive encasements. You can use pillow boxes for a wide range of products such as candies, shirts, scarves, and small jewellery items.

Slider Boxes

These boxes are also known as drawer or tray boxes. They have two parts; a tray and a slider lid. They are very user-friendly and provide convenience to the users. Cardboard or kraft material is used in the manufacturing of these boxes and therefore they are highly protective and durable.

You can get these customized boxes in different sizes and get them fully customized. Also, you can have wholesale boxes with all the required features. These boxes help consumers to keep the product safe for a long time. Even if the product is consumed up, it can be used to place other stuff.

Telescopic Boxes

These boxes have two parts; one is the base and the other is the covering lid. They can be of three types:

  • Half telescopic boxes
  • Full Telescopic Boxes
  • One-inch telescopic boxes (shoe boxes)

They are manufactured by using cardstock and provide a durable solution. You can customize them in different sizes and get them printed.

Gable Boxes

These boxes provide a convenient solution to the users. They have a carrier or handle due to which one can carry products packed in these boxes very safely and easily. They are often used for food items and are more like a lunch box. Like other packaging boxes, you can also customize them in different sizes and design them with vibrant colours.

Slotted Boxes

These boxes are the most common type of product packaging. You may find these boxes in most places. They have top and bottom closures that are taped and glued. For instance, cereals are generally packed in slotted boxes. You can surely get these cardboard boxes in different sizes considering your requirement.

Book-Shaped Boxes

They are also known as hinged-lid boxes. These boxes have a lid that covers all over the front side of the box and has a closure. You can use taped, glued, or magnetic enclosures. The magnet enclosures are mostly used for rigid boxes and reveal a luxurious impression.

Boxes With Hang Tabs

These boxes have hanged tabs that help users to place them easily. They can be hung on the shelves or power wing displays. You may also include a transparent window patch in these boxes to improve the functionality of these boxes. In this way, the customers will have a close look at the product. This factor will eventually influence the customer’s behavior.


Boxes With Hang Tabs

custom boxes

Cardboard material is flexible and therefore you can get custom boxes in different designs. However, you must have prior knowledge of your product. In this way, you can have an effective design. The above-listed designs are mostly used. 

And you can choose custom cardboard boxes by WeCustomBoxes for your product packaging.

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