The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Travel Training Company

February 3, 2023

A travel training company aims to familiarize the public with independent travel.

Travel training is the process of providing educational support in all aspects of travel (by any means; bus, train, airplane, etc), be it buying tickets, crossing streets, reading road signs, or planning for your trip.

Basically, everything one would need to know when they travel anywhere.

It offers an opportunity to be social, environmentally aware, and sustainable and to build confidence.

Generally, travel training programs are designed for various groups including but not limited to the elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities, or young people— anyone who wants to learn to be self-reliant.

If you want to start your travel training company, these tips should come useful.

  1. Identify the Clientele

Start by asking yourself what your purpose is.

Who do you want to cater to?

What group of people require travel training?

Finding out what your ideal client needs can be key information to decide whether or not your brand is on the right path.

Conducting in-depth public surveys and researching a potential clientele’s habits, socializing, and connecting with local government officials and social service agencies will come in handy to determine the client’s needs.

  1. Design an Action Plan

Once you have an idea of your consumer, it’s easier to understand how extensive and inclusive the training center needs to be.

Begin brainstorming the requirements of a new training company.

For starters, obtain the appropriate certification to operate a credible travel training center.

You’d also have to develop a training course. A well-rounded course can only be created by trained professionals. Hiring skilled staff requires funding. In short, there’s a lot of planning involved. It’s like a flow chart that comes full circle.

Treat an action plan like a master checklist of tasks to be completed.

  1. Obtain Funds

Funds are vital for any organization to operate. Different departments have their financial requirements.

Decide the mode of financial support the company would depend on. Delve into your options — self-financing, crowdfunding, angel investors or sponsors, government funding, or bank loans.

  1. Recruit Personnel

A travel training company is a kind of school that teaches people how to make use of public resources. This requires a fair amount of manpower.

You need employees to carry out different jobs. Conduct thorough interviews to hire qualified travel trainers and course managers to safeguard the quality and steady development of the program.

  1. Develop a Course

A travel training course cannot be a generalized one. It needs to be tailored to the locality. RTO resources provide a variety of amenities to help create and elevate a training course.

Developing travel training courses requires tedious ground research.

Factors like location, laws, transportation devices and modes of instruction need to be taken into consideration while formulating a learning program.

  1. Perform a Test Run

Assemble a group of potential clients and conduct a free trial. This trial-and-error method will allow you to work out the kinks.

Take feedback from the trial learners and finetune the program. Ensure a smoother beginning for your travel training company.

  1. Market Your Service

Finally, once everything is perfected, come up with a marketing strategy to introduce your travel training company to the world!

Team up with travel and tourism agencies or any organizations that promote traveling and broadcast your services.


Traveling may sound like an inherent skill but in reality, it isn’t so for many.

Travel trainers enable people to step out from their circles by allowing them to go beyond their ailment, whatever it may be.

That independence and confidence widen people’s horizons. A little help goes a long way.

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