Spot The Signs Of Molds To Get Rid Of It Early From The Air Vents

October 1, 2018

The best way to get rid of mold formation in your home, air vent or any other place is to prevent it from developing in the first place. How to go about it? The simplest way is to find and devote a little time to inspecting your home especially the air vents and air ducts of your HVAC al air conditioning systems.

If you can spot the signs early, you will have enough time in hand to make a proper plan for a practical and useful remedial measure. This will not only improve the air quality inside your home but will also eliminate the chances of any health hazards.

How to spot signs

The most dangerous of all molds are the black molds that find a convenient home in your air vents. Along with the air entering your room, these molds enter as well causing myriad issues to your health as well as your family, kids and even pets. The two elements that give rise to mold and its rapid reproduction are:

  • Moisture and
  • Dampness.

Usually, mold formation is one of the most significant negative effects of floods. It may also indicate an issue with your HVAC or air conditioning system.

When you see black mold growing on the walls, carpets, and floors, it is comparatively easy to spot. However, things get really difficult when these black molds start growing inside the air vents.

Signs to notice

Look out for the following signs to know whether or not there are any black molds in the air vents. Call a professional who knows how to get rid of mold in air ducts after that. The signs to notice include:

  • Black dust around the air vents – This will indicate issues within the air vent. Black molds are just like black dust, patchy and hard to wipe off.
  • Musty odors – Any musty smell in your room will indicate black molds may have grown in the air vents. This smell is distinctive unpleasant.
  • Health symptoms – You will also notice health symptoms when you have black molds growing in the air vents. These symptoms are itchy and red eyes, constant sneezing and even headaches.

The most positive and significant sign of black molds inside your air vent is when situations grow worse indoors especially when the air conditioner system is running.

Ways to remove molds

There are specific ways in which you can remove molds from air conditioner ducts. These steps will make this challenging and time-consuming process easy.

Usually, you will have to take the air conditioning system apart, vacuum it and clean the system with powerful agents.

Make sure that the cleaning process is thorough and precise or else the mold will come back and even spread to other areas in your house.

The most prudent way to get your air vents cleaned and make it free from molds is to contact a certified and professional mold inspector to confirm their existence and call a professional to get it cleaned. This will prevent loss of time and money in the mold removal process.

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